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What is the Calendar View?

So you have this great board that includes everything you're working on. It's thorough, organized, and detailed, but you find yourself getting a little overwhelmed scanning and reviewing everything each day.  Great news - now you don't have to! We've created a board view that will break down your board and display your items by date - the Calendar View!


In one window, you can see all of the items you have coming up without getting bogged down by the things that can wait a little! The Calendar View can show you your month, week, and even your day!



How do I add it?

Add compatible data

It's simple! First, just make sure you have one or more of these three columns in your board:







Once you have all of the data filled into one or more of these columns, you are ready to launch the view!

Tip:  If you add a time to the date column, you'll be able to see the items organized by the hour in the 'Day' tab of your Calendar View! 


Optional: Add a time

Just click on the cell, click 'Add time' and then input the time you want to complete or begin working on your item! 


 Add the view

At the top left corner of your board, select the 'Main Table' button to open the views drop-down menu. Click '+Add View', and then select 'Calendar' like we've done below:



Note:  When you open your Calendar View, today's date will always be highlighted in blue so that you can always find where you stand right now!


Setting up your calendar

Once you add the Calendar View, you can rename it whatever you want! Don't worry, if you choose not to change the name right now, you can do it at any point in the future!


Open up your Calendar View settings by clicking the cogwheel icon at the top right corner of your calendar:


From here, you can change what you want to display in your calendar! You can select which of the compatible columns you wish to appear in your calendar! My board has all 3 of the columns selected, but I can filter what I see by selecting only one or two! 

For example, let's say I have a column showing the timeline of a task, which is set to 14 days from beginning to end, and a separate column showing the deadline of each task. If I want to take a quick look at the calendar to see when all of my tasks are due, I will select only the Date Column showing the deadlines!


Color by

Your calendar automatically color codes the events according to which group they come from. For example, when you see green events, you know they are from your green-colored group, and when you see purple events, you know that they are from your purple-colored group. But you can use the drop-down menu to choose how you want them to be colored! You can choose to color by groups (using the colors of your groups), Status Column (using the colors of your labels), or People! 



Month, Week, or Day Tabs

You can view the items in your Calendar View by month, week, or day. In the screenshot below, I'm viewing the 'Day' tab in my calendar so that I can see what items I have to complete on this day at exactly what time! Just a reminder that this only works if you've set the time in your date column! 

Use the arrows to jump to the next or previous month, week, or day (depending on which tab you're viewing!). If you get lost, you can always click the 'Today' button to bring you back to today's date on the calendar!



Split View

Getting tired of navigating back and forth between your Calendar View and your Main Board View? Well then, you'll be excited to try out the Split View! In your settings panel, select 'Split View':


And Voila! Now, instead of flipping back to your Main Board View to see the full details of your item, you can just scroll down! 


You can always click 'Fullscreen View' to switch it back to the Calendar- only view. 


Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a really cool setting that changes the contrast of your Calendar so it's a little easier on the eyes! You can use it in Fullscreen Mode and in Splitscreen Mode! In your settings panel, select 'Dark Mode' and check out how beautiful it is!


No worries if you're not into it - just click 'Light Mode' to switch it back!


View your item card

Instead of switching back and forth to Main Board View every time you want to see more details about one of the items in your calendar, you can view the item card! All you have to do is click the item in your calendar that you want to expand!


Something look not quite right? You can edit it right from here! Change the information in any of the groups you have in your board, from Status and Date to the Group that the item belongs to, and more!



Search and filter

Search/Filter Board

Looking for something specific in your Calendar, and you can't remember when it's due? You can search for it in the 'Search/ Filter Board' field as shown in the screenshot below! I typed "Meeting" into the search bar, and now my calendar is only showing me all of my meetings this month!


People Column

You can also filter by person by clicking the People Column icon next to the search bar! This filter will show you all of the tasks assigned to the person you choose to filter. Let's say you wanted to see all of your own tasks instead of your whole team's tasks. You would select yourself in the People Column filter and the results will be shown in your Calendar View! You can even click 'Save this Search to set this filter as a default setting so that you can see these results every time you look at your Calendar View!



Use the 'Filter' button to filter your board by any column you have on your board, including Group, Person, Status, Date, and more! Just select all of the filters you want, and then you can even click 'Save to this view' to see these results every time you open your Calendar View!



Export to Excel

You can really easily export your Calendar View to Excel by simply clicking the 'Filter' button and then clicking 'Export to Excel' in the pop-up window like I did here:



Share your Calendar View

You can share your Calendar View with anyone just by clicking the 'Share' button right over here:


A window will pop up giving you a shareable link and embed code that you can send to anyone you want!


Learn more about sharing your board views here.


Find more helpful resources like this by clicking the '?' button at the bottom left of your account.  If you have any more questions about the Calendar View, you can contact us 24/7 at [email protected].