How do I create deadlines, alerts, or reminders?

Say hello to 'Deadline Mode'! You can now set deadlines within the platform for each of your boards. You can also create due date reminders by scheduling an automation based on a date column. Alternatively, you can create deadline reminders through the calendar integration. This article covers these three methods. 📆

The Deadline Mode

Step 1

Ensure you have a 'Date' or 'Timeline' Column and at least one 'Status' Column in your board. If not, add one by clicking the '+' sign on the upper right corner of your board and selecting a 'Date' or 'Timeline' and a 'Status' Column to add to your board:

Step 2

Click on the column menu (down arrow) on the 'Date' or 'Timeline' column that you want to be treated as showing deadlines. Select "set as deadline".



Step 3

You will see a screen which asks you to connect the 'Date' or 'Timeline' Column with a 'Status' Column.


Step 4

In each of your board, you can choose the labels that define a status as done. Click on your status column and pick "column settings". From there, click on the label color you want to pick as "done".


Step 5


That's it! You should now see the following symbols next to dates in the deadline column, indicating if they're:

Due today:


Due tomorrow:




Done on time:



For the Timeline, you will see a set of bars with the start and end date, with the bar filling up like a thermometer as you approach the end date. Once the task is set to "Done" the bar will show a check mark on the left and will be completely green. You can see this in the image below: 

To make your deadlines even more accurate, why not add a time to your date column? You can now do this from the calendar dropdown when selecting a date in the date column. Just click on the 'Add Time' button and then add the time you want the deadline to end.


The time will then determine when a task is considered overdue, when a date column has deadline mode set. 

Our 'My Week' feature compliments the 'Deadline Mode' outlined above.

'My Week' appears on your left pane. By adding a 'Person' column and assigning people to pulses on your boards with deadline mode, each assigned user will start to see pulses in My Week, gives a summary of what should be done in the upcoming week. You can learn more about that here.

Due Date Reminders with Automations

Using Automations, you can now schedule an automation based on a date column.

  • When a pulse move to group, notify someone after some time 
  • When date arrives, notify someone 
  • When date arrives and status isn't something, notify someone

This automation is much more than a simple due date reminder! These are the current, amazing recipes:


The When parameter above can be configured to:

  1. Run exactly when the date arrives
  2. Schedule the automation to run on a relative time.

Learn more about how to configure your automations here: Automations.

The Calendar Integration

You can also set your own alerts to upcoming pulse deadlines by connecting to your calendar. This feature works with Gmail calendar, Outlook, iCal and more.

Step 1

First, add a 'Date' or 'Timeline' column to your board by clicking the '+' sign on the right of a group of pulses:

You may decide to customize the name of the column by clicking in the perforated lines around the title of the column, to indicate that this column is a due date!


Step 2

To sync the 'Date' column with your calendar, click in a cell inside this column to choose your due date. You now have the option to add also a time element into the date column. Just click on the 'Add time' button and choose the time for the item. This could be the time of a deadline, a meeting or another event, depending on what the pulse shows.


You are also able to add an additional 'Date' column to indicate a 'Start' as well as an 'End' date if the project requires visibility on the board of both a start and end date.



To sync the 'Timeline' column with your calendar, scroll over the left or right side of one of the bars in the column and then click on the little arrow that appear as shown below: 

Step 3

Next, choose Sync Calendar (just below the calendar drop down). Select if you want to sync with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar (or other calendars), and also if you want to sync only pulses that you are assigned to or all pulses on the board. Syncing with Google Calendar takes place automatically by clicking on the button. For other calendars, you should follow the instructions on your screen. See a step by step explanation here.


If you added a time to your date, the item will appear in your calendar at the selected time. 

You can then set a notification in the usual way from inside your calendar. 


If you have any questions about setting this up, feel free to contact us at, and our awesome support team will be more than happy to help you with this!