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What should I do with my "done" tasks?

Opening your board and seeing all your tasks in "done" green is so satisfying! But what should you do with all your "done tasks"? We have a few options for you, both including automations. 

To have a full understanding of these two options, we recommend to go over our amazing new automation article.

Option 1: Automatically archive your completed tasks

Once your tasks are marked as completed, you can automatically archive them by using our new automation abilities. 

Step 1

By clicking on the "automation" button on the top area of the platform you will be able to enter our automation hub 😊. There you will be able to issue internal automation and external automation to ease the way you work and reflect information from different platforms. 


But back to archiving. 

Step 2

After you will click on the monday.com banner you will be able to choose one of the three relevant options: archive/ move to group/ delete the relevant item.


Step 3

Then just set the recipe to archive an item when the status changed to done.


This will give you better visibility of all the remaining uncompleted tasks. The advantage is, that you can access and restore your archived items at any point. To learn how to unarchive an item click right here.

Option 2: Create a group for your completed tasks

This is our preferred option at monday.com! sometimes we don't want to archive our tasks and we still want to have them on the board to be able to view them or even reflect them on our graph view - Check it out

Step 1

So, for each board, we have a group named "completed". Now, with our new Automation ability, we can set automation that will move a task that marked "done" to the "done" group. Click on your automation icon and select the below automation: 


Step 2

Then just set the recipe to move an item to a completed group when the status changed to done.


Isn't it awesome? go ahead and try it 😊

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team right here