What should I do with my "done" tasks?

Opening your board and seeing all your tasks turned in green is so satisfying! But what should you do with all your "done tasks"? We have a few options for you! 

Option 1: Archive your completed tasks

Once your tasks are completed, you can simply archive them. This will give you better visibility of all the remaining uncompleted tasks. The advantage is, that you can access and restore your archived pulses at any point. To learn how to unarchive a pulse click right here

Option 2: Create a group for your completed tasks

This our preferred option at monday.com! For each board, we have a group named "completed tasks". Every time a task is completed, we are dragging it to this group. You can then collapse the group for a better overview of the remaining tasks to complete.





If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team right here

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