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What is the Chart View?

Need to better analyze the tasks or information on a board? Want to see how well your team members are doing when completing their tasks or see the progress of your projects? With our Chart View, now you can pull up various reports for a specific project or board in order to enhance your workflow!


What is the Chart view?

Our Chart View is a great way to see the analytics side of your workflow. See how well your team members are performing, how fast your tasks get done, how they change over time and more. Keep reading to find out how to use it. 


Note: This view is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans only 


How to add it?

To add a chart view, click on the arrow next to the button "main table" located on the top left of your board. Click on "chart" as below: 


Once done, you will find a bunch of different settings allowing you to customize your chart view the way you want it to be. Let's dive into these settings!


Choose your chart type

Enjoy and create beautiful charts from our chart gallery. Whether you want a pie chart, a stacked chart or just any chart, we've got you covered! In the settings menu, pick the chart type as below: 



Customize your chart 

Once you've selected your chart type, select the break down of your chart. Let's go over a few example of the most popular charts. 


  • Pie Chart

For the pie chart, select the labels from the different column types in your board. Let's say we are managing events. We can pick the labels to be the type of events to get a better understanding of which type of events are occurring the most. 


You can also pick the values. For example, if we want to see which type of event costs us the most, we will pick the value "budget". The chart will then show on which type of event we tend to spend the most. 



  • Bar graph

For the bar graph, select the x-axis from the different column types in your board. We can for example select "group" meaning that the x axis of your chart will reflect the different groups of your board. 


For the y-axis, select the numerical value or any of the other columns in your board. You can select as many numerical values as you want. For example, we want to compare the amount we actually spent per month versus the budget.


To customize your graph even more, you can order the x and y axis by ascending or descending. Simply click on "order by" and select the relevant setting. 


  • Line graph

For the line graph, select the x-axis from the different column types in your board. For the y-axis, select the numerical value or any of the other columns on your board. Similar to the bar graph, you can choose from the Weight by count of the items or for budgeting purposes, you can use the numbers column in your board that represents your budget. 



  • Stacked graph

Like for the bar graph, you can pick your X and Y axis to reflect the information of your choice. Let's say we want to see the actual amount spent per month. We can pick the X-axis to be each month and the Y-axis to be the actual money spent. 


Once done, we can stack it by the type of event. This will allow us to break down the amount spent per specific event per month: 


Add a Benchmark and cumulative data

In this view, you also have the option to display your chart as cumulative data. This is particularly useful if you want to see the progress over month. Each month will include all previous months plus the addition of the current month. For instance, if you are a sales team, this chart can be used to show progress of the sales over the quarter.  


You can also add a Benchmark line to display the goal or the low/high threshold.  🙌


Sort your chart

You can customize your graph even more by choosing the order of your values either you want it ascending or descending. 



Group your dates

You can click on the "Group By" drop-down to decide if you would like the dates to be grouped by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year.



Filter your chart

You filter directly on your chart by using the board filters. It is a great way to display the exact information you need. Let's say we are interested to see all the tasks of this week only.

  • Click on the filter icon located on the top right of your view as below: 


  • Select this week


  • Save your filtered view for an easy access at any given time. Simply click on "save to this view" as below:


Whenever you will open your timeline view from that board, the filter will automatically be applied.  🎉


Display settings

Turn your chart dark or light according to your preferences by selecting the light/dark mode in the display settings. You can also pick whether you want your chart to be in full view or split view. By choosing the split view, you will be able to see your chart and the board itself on the same view as below: 



Export and print your chart

You can export your chart view to  PDF/PNG/JPEG/SVG/CSV and print it :)


Get the big picture for your projects and see how well your team performs!


Can I share my Chart View?

You can now share your Chart View! You just need to click the 3 dot menu to the far right of the Chart View and click share: 


Learn more about sharing your board views here.


Have any other questions about our Chart View or anything else? Reach out to us at Customer Success! Send your questions to [email protected]