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WorkCanvas Org Chart templates



Looking to zoom out and visually display your organization, with all its networks and connections?

The Org chart on WorkCanvas allows you to illustrate the structure of your organization with its various teams, reporting structures, and profiles of all employees. It is a one-stop visual of all your hard-working heroes 🦸

WC Org Chart.png


How to add the template

You can add WorkCanvas templates either from your home page in the "Template library", or use the Template tool within your canvas, from the the toolbar. You can search for a template using the search bar at the top of the template centre. 

WorkCanvas has multiple Chart templates in this category available for use, depending on your specific needs.

WC-Org Chart Template Options.png


Here we are selecting the template titled "Org Chart" to showcase the versatility and capabilities of building an Org Chart on your WorkCanvas.

To add this template, select the "Use Template" button, and then click on the area of your canvas that you would like to input the template.

WC- Add Org Chart Template.gif


Add people to the chart

You can now begin laying out the structure of your organization by adding people to the chart. To add a profile card, click on the first profile card in the template and select the "+" button beneath it. This will create a new profile card below, and the connection will represent a "direct report" structure between the two. You can add as many branches as you need to represent the nature of the reporting structure. 

WC- Org Chart Add People.gif


Tip: You can also click on the "+" button to the left or right of the profile card to add new profiles next to it. 


Customize and edit the chart 

There are different customizable option for your Org chart. While you can edit the chart from any of the profile cards, the root card, being the first card at the top of the chart, will provide you with additional options to edit the settings of the entire chart.

By selecting the "pen" icon in the top right-hand corner of this card, an editing menu will appear allowing you to customize the following:

  • The visible fields on each card
  • The color of the cards
  • Display or hide the profile image 
  • Whether the branches stem horizontally or vertically 
  • The stroke style of the lines
  • Add a comment
  • Lock the chart to eliminate edits 

WC- Root card editor.png


Beyond the root card, there are two other ways in which to edit the elements of the chart; either directly on the card itself, or by opening the settings panel. 

  • In place edits 

By clicking on the profile card, you can directly edit the text, change its color, choose the line density, as well as leave a comment. 

WC- Org Chart Edit in Place.gif


  • In settings edits

You can also make various edits and customizations by opening the settings panel. To access the settings panel, click on the "pencil" icon in the top right-hand corner of the profile card. From the panel that appears on the left-hand side of your screen, you can edit the text in the different fields, reorder the fields by dragging and dropping them, as well as add a new field by selecting "Add new field".  

WC- Org Chart Edit in Settings.gif


Note: Any edits you make to the order of the fields and adding a new field, will automatically be applied to all profile cards. 


From within the settings panel you can also "Hide" or "Delete" a field. When you hover over the field, click on the three dots that appear to the right, and select either "Hide" or "Delete". 

WC- Org Chart Edit in Settings (HideDelete).gif


Upload a profile picture

A profile picture is a great way for employees to identify one another and put a face to the name of their co-worker, near or far 📇 

To upload a profile picture click on the circle at the top of the profile card. A window will open allowing you to either drag and drop an image from your computer, or "browse files". 

WC- Org Chart Add Profile Picture.gif


Filter relevant information

Overwhelmed by all the information on your org chart? When viewing your Org chart you can see as little or as much of the information on the profile cards as you want.

To filter the information you see, click on the top profile card and select the "fields" icon on the far right of the settings tab that appears. From there you can select or unselect the fields you wish to see by clicking on the tick-box to the left of the field. 

WC- Org Chart Filter the Information.gif


Drag and drop profile cards

Looking at shifting the reporting structure or visualizing dynamic inter-department collaborations? No problem! You can easily drag and drop profile cards to different areas of your org chart. 

Simply click on the profile card you wish to move and drag it to the area on your chart you would like to move it to. A blue line will appear in the area you are dragging the card to, to show you precisely where the profile card will sit. 

WC- Org Chart Move Profile Cards.gif


Share your Org Chart

WorkCanvas knows the importance of team collaboration 🤝. You can invite colleagues to collaborate on your Org chart, view the chart, leave comments or add insights.  

Select the blue "Share" button in the top right-hand corner of your canvas. From here you can choose to either invite a member to the canvas via email, or copy a shareable link. 

WC- Share Org Chart.png


Note: For more information on sharing your canvases, read our article on WorkCanvas sharing permissions


Smart Org Chart with monday.com

Included in the selection of Org Chart templates is the WorkCanvas Smart Org Chart. This template pulls data from your monday.com boards, and auto-populates the Org Chart, once set-up.

From within the template centre, click on the "Synced Templates" section from the left-hand panel, and select the "Smart Org Chart" template. WC- Smart Org chart template.png

Once the template has been selected, you will be prompted to connect the chart to one of your monday.com boards. Choose the board you wish to connect the template to, from the list of boards on your monday.com account, and click on the blue "Import board data" button. 

WC- Smart Org Sync to Board.png


Note: If the board cannot be used for this template, the board name will be greyed out and "Not compatible" will appear to the right of the board name. 


Tip: The boards menu will pull the last 100 active boards from your monday.com account. If you do not see the board you are looking for, open the board on your monday.com account and refresh your canvas. 


From the window that appears, you will select which columns on your monday board you would like to import the data from for your Smart Org Chart. You will also select the source name for the top of the chart. The mandatory fields to set up the Smart Org Chart include:

  • Employee Name: represents the title for individuals in the Org Chart.
  • Direct Manager: represents the person to whom the employee reports to.
  • Position: describes the position or role of the employee. 

WC- Smart Org Chart.gif

Only data from specific monday.com columns, namely a Text Column or People Column, can be used for the Employee Name, Direct Manager, and Position sections in the Smart Org Chart. 


Note: The Direct Manager field must match the employees name in order to create an accurate hierarchy.


Tip: If you select a People Column to auto-populate a section of the Smart Org Chart, and the column has more than one person present, the Org Chart will display the first name from that column.


The Smart Org chart will be pasted in the centre of your canvas. If you do not see the chart, try zooming out to locate it! The Smart Org Chart fields will be auto-populated with data from the columns you selected above.

By clicking on the "pen" edit icon in the top right-hand corner of the profile card, a menu will appear, allowing you to:

  • Change the direction of the tree structure to either horizontal or vertical.
  • Change the color coding for different profile cards based on a Status Column from your linked monday.com board.
  • Select which information to present on the profile cards, which includes information from any Status Columns on your monday.com board. 

WC- Smart Org Chart (1).gif

The Smart Org Chart does not contain a two-way sync with your monday.com board and therefore the information in the chart cannot be edited from within WorkCanvas. To edit information, you must make changes directly on your monday.com board.


Tip: Be sure to refresh your WorkCanvas page once changes have been made to your monday.com board in order to see the changes reflected on your Smart Org Chart. 


Note: When creating multiple Smart Org Charts on a single canvas, only one structure can be chosen per board on the canvas. Therefore, if you choose to use the People Column for the source name at the top of the chart, when adding a new Smart Org Chart to the same canvas, the same column must be selected. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.