What is Search Everything? [video]

Just about the GREATEST SEARCH TOOL you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing (well, besides Google of course).

But seriously, Search Everything is going to make your time on monday.com and whole lot easier!

Using the Search Everything, you can search for anything across all of your boards. Want to filter  which tasks are Stuck across all of your boards? You can! Keen to check how much work your colleague has going on? Search their name! Want to see what you’ve got to do this week? Search for which pulses you’ve been assigned to then filter by date (see how, below).

The Search Everything feature provides you with the ability to see an overview of repeating projects and their progression.

**Note: This feature is available during the 14 day free trial and on the STANDARD and PRO plans, but not on the BASIC plan.

Example 1 - Seeing where Project A features in different boards using Search Everything.

Typing “Project A” in the box will bring up every place where Project A appears, across all boards in the account.

Example 2 - Seeing which pulses you’re assigned to across all of your boards and then filtering by dates to check a specific time period.

Clicking on the Quick Search “I’m assigned to” which appears in the middle of your screen when clicking on the Search Everything box, will bring up all of the pulses you’re assigned to.

You can then filter the results based on dates by clicking on the button “Filter by date” on the top right of the screen.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 14.45.42.png

A mini timeline will appear with sliders, letting you control the date period you want to filter the results by.



To save a search, meaning time saved in the future, just click the "save" button which appears to the right of your search text. You’ll find your saved searches on the main screen when clicking in the Search Everything box.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 15.16.07.png

Take a look at search everything in action:


Have any questions about this or anything else? Feel free to reach out to our customer success team at support@monday.com :)




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