The Tag Column

The Tags column allows you to list a number of keywords that will appear next to a hashtag symbol (#) in the Tags column. This way, whenever you create a Tags column for a Main Board in your account, you will have the same pool of tags to choose from to assign to any of your items on other Main Boards. 

How does it work?

Using the Tags column will help you to group items from different groups or different boards throughout your account by a consistent keyword!

For example, you can type in the tag keyword (with or without the "#" before it) into the board’s search/filter bar to filter the results for items matching that tag. 


This feature also really comes in handy when you type a "#" and the keyword into Search Everything to yield all results for items with that tag across all of your Main Boards.

Easy use case 

Let’s say you have multiple boards with various tasks, and each board contains tasks from various clients. One of them could look like this:

If you want to find all the items associated with a certain client across all your Main Boards, you can create a Tags column and type in each client name as a tag for the appropriate items, as shown above.

Once you enter the client’s name as a tag, you don’t have to keep typing in the full name as an option any more. It will automatically show up as a choice from your preset list of tags, even on other Main Boards!


Now, you have a consistent way for you and your team to associate certain items with certain clients, even if they create their own Main Boards!

Please note that whenever you enter a new Tag for a Shareable or Private Board, those options show for each of those types of boards, respectively, and by board. In other words, Shareable Boards will have their own set of tags by board, and Private Boards will also have their own set of tags by board.


save image

How to edit a tag?

To edit a tag, please click on your search everything bar located on the top of your account. From there, select tags as below:


You will see the list of all the tags used across your account. Click on the pencil located on the right of the name of your tag to edit it:


You can also change the color of your tag as below:


 Note: We do not have the option to delete a tag. You will have to go in each board and remove it one by one.


If you have more questions about the Tags column, please feel free to reach out to our Customer success team. We’re happy to help! :)