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The Updates Section


The Updates Section allows you and your team to communicate social media style inside an item, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. Keep reading this article to learn about everything you can do with the Updates Section!


Communicate with your team

By @mentioning a person or, if you have created teams in your account, @mentioning a team, you will ensure that the right people see your update. Once mentioned, team members will receive a notification in their notification bell

To @mention, simply click the "@ Mention" button, or type the "@" symbol and select a team or team member from the drop-down menu.



Note: Users in accounts with more than 5k seats can not mention "everyone in this account". For accounts with less than 5k seats, when using the "@everyone" mention, only users who are subscribed to the item or subitem will be notified. If you are subscribed to the subitem only, you will not be notified of item mentions. 


Like and Reply

Team members can react to updates and replies with a thumbs up or an emoji, making responses more personalized and efficient. They can also choose to reply with GIFs, files, emojis, and @mentions! 

The "Seen" eye icon under your update will appear when someone has viewed your update. By hovering over the icon, you can see who has seen that update. However, in the reply section below, the eye icon is always present and is not dependent on anyone having seen that reply.

Updates Reactions.gif

When using an @mention in the reply section of an update, the message will not appear in the inbox. You can find out more about communicating with your team using monday.com here


Note: At this time, you cannot recover deleted messages from the update section or info boxes.


Format your text

You can format your text will all kinds of special effects and colours! Underline, bold, or strikethrough your text! You can even change the colour or highlight of your text, like we did below:


Don't forget about the size of your text, for when things need a little emphasis! 


Note: There is a character limit of 46,000 characters per update.


GIFs and Images

Add dynamic GIFs and images to your updates and update replies! Throw in some emojis to punctuate your updates with some flair! You can copy and paste an image from your clipboard right into your update anywhere you want within the text! If you want to move it around, you can just drag it to the right spot within your update! 



Want to resize the image? Hover over one of the corners until you see an arrow and just drag it to resize! 


Upload files

You can upload documents from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.com into an update or reply. Just click "Add files" and select the source!



Add a checklist 

You can add a checklist into an update to add another layer of information to your items! Click "Checklist"  to import the checklist structure. When you've completed a task, you can click the bubble to check it off your list! 


Tip: No need to edit the post, you can check things off your list while simply viewing updates. 


Set automatic update reminders

Do you have an update that you need to be reminded of later in the day? Are you busy in a meeting now, and want to have a notification about a certain update later on? To set a reminder for an update, simply click on the bell icon at the top right of any update and select the time in which you'd like to be reminded of it.


As soon as that time frame is up, you'll receive a bell notification reminding you of that update!


Pin important updates

If you need to keep one particular update at the top of your updates feed, all you need to do is pin it to the top! Once you pin the update, it will stay there, even as your team continues to add more updates to that feed. Just click the arrow at the top right corner of the update and select "Pin to top", like this:



Bookmark a post

Like an old school thumbtack board, you can bookmark an important post to refer to frequently! Or think of it as a "favorite post." Just click the arrow at the top right corner of the update and select "Bookmark", like this:


Once you bookmark your post, you can find it in your Inbox.


Share updates

If you want to share an update with someone who isn't a member of your account, you can send it by email! Just click the arrow at the top right corner of the update and select "Share update". Next, just type your colleague's email address into the pop-up window and hit "Send"!



Blue and grey updates

You may have noticed that some of the update icons on your board are grey, while some appear blue! 


Whenever an update is grey, it means that no one posted any new updates for more than 7 days. When your update icon is blue, it means that this item has updates that have been posted within the past 7 days. This way you can keep track of which items have recent activity, and which have been quiet lately. 


Tip: If you would like to communicate with all members on a board, about the board as a whole and not on a specific item, you can use Board Discussions!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.