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All about teams


At monday.com, we're all about transparency and communication. We believe that one of the most important things in your workplace is the communication between your teammates! Creating teams allows you to easily notify, update, assign tasks, and chat with teammates throughout your account all in one go!

Furthermore, teams can provide you with another way to keep information secure on your account. By sharing specific Private or Shareable boards with a team, you can ensure that the right people have access to the right information at all times. 🙌

Note:  Guests cannot be added to teams.


What is a team?

A team is any group of individuals who are working together to achieve a shared goal. In the workplace, this can be a department, a project team, a functional department team, a cross-functional (or cross-departmental) team, management teams, or whatever other type of team works in your company!

The individuals in the teams you create on your monday.com account, can be notified, updated, and communicated with all together as a team!


The Teams page

The Teams page is your go-to place to view and manage the teams on your account! To locate it, click on your profile picture and select "Teams" from the menu. 



Here, you'll be able to see a list of all of the existing teams on your account! To access a team that you're looking for, either search for it or click on its name on the left side of the screen.



How to create a team

To create a new team on your account, start by clicking on "+  New team" in the top left corner.


From the screen that pops up, you can name your team, add a picture to represent it, and begin adding team members. Don't forget to click on the blue "Create" button once you finish!


Tip: Adding a picture to represent your team is especially helpful when you assign your team to tasks using the People Column


Creating sub-teams

  • Only available for Enterprise accounts
  • Allows you to create multiple different teams within a "parent" team. I.e. the Knowledge Base team consists of both content writers and video creators, you can create two sub-teams within the larger Knowledge Base team, one for writers and one for video creators. 
  • Important to note that all members of a sub-team will be able to access to the content within the parent teams as well.
  • Note: The number of allowed hierarchies is 5 levels.


How to manage your team

  • Add members

To add members to your team, start by selecting your team on the left side of the screen. Next, click on the "Add team members" button, select the team members you want to add and then click on the blue "Add" button!


Tip: You can even add pending users here so that they will be included on your team as soon as they have joined your account!


  • Remove members

You can remove team members from a team by clicking on the three-dot menu to the right of their name and then clicking "Remove from team".



  • Delete a team

You can delete any of your teams by clicking the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the team's page, and selecting "Delete team". 



Mention your team in one click

Our team, "Caramel Task Force", is working hard to develop the greatest new caramel flavor for our ice cream shop! We want everyone on the team to stay up to date on all of the rapid changes in our company. Check out a few ways we tag everyone at once!

  • Subscribe your team 

There's no need to subscribe each team member individually to relevant boards. You can subscribe an entire team to the team's boards all at once! Start by c licking on the "Invite" button on the top right corner:


Rather than typing in each team member's name, just type in the name of the team! Click, and voila! Now everyone from the team will stay on the same page!



Furthermore, when hovering over an assigned team, you'll be able to see details such as the name of the team and the names of all the members of that team:



  • Assign tasks to your whole team

We love to use the People Column to make sure that each individual knows their responsibilities. But sometimes, we work on something as a team! In these cases, we'll assign a task or project to the whole team!

Just click a cell in the People Column, and select your team rather than an individual person, just like this:



Communicate with your team

Creating a team makes communication with everyone at once really smooth and easy! If you have to update your whole team about one of your shared projects, you can reach out to everyone at once! 

  • "@ mention" your team

We love using the Updates Section to keep all board subscribers in the loop on all of an item's updates. When we want to draw extra attention to an update, we can "@ mention" the individuals who need to see this message, and they will receive a bell notification so they won't miss anything important!

When we want to make sure our whole team sees an important message, we can @ mention the whole team by typing "@" followed by the team's name, just like this:


This way, everyone in the team will get a bell notification drawing their attention to this update!


  • Automatically update your team

We want all of our team members to come to each taste test for our new flavors so that we can choose the winners together! To make sure everyone on our team knows when a taste test has been scheduled, we added the following automation recipe:


We've customized the recipe to notify the whole "Caramel Task Force" team every time a label in the Status Column "Taste Test" changes to "Scheduled". We've even customized the exact notification, as shown below:



This automation is just one example of how we can notify our team using automations. Head over to the Automations Center to check out all of the cool ways you can notify, update, and assign your team members with different recipes!


Request to join a team

Did you come across a team that you are looking to join? If so, you can now easily request to join a team that you are not yet a part of! To do so, simply locate the team's main page and then click on the "Request to join" button. A request will then be sent to any admin or team member which has the ability to approve team requests!



You can also request to join a team by hovering over the team icon whenever it is assigned to an item and then clicking on "Request to join" as shown below: 




Creating teams within your account is a great way to make sure everyone stays up to date and in the loop! Try it out with your team today. 🙌


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We're available 24/7 and happy to help.