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What is a High Level Board?


What is a High Level Board?

A high-level board allows you to see an overview of everything you and your team are working on in your monday.com account. It allows for a quick glance at all projects and to keep things organized for better productivity. These type of boards are geared towards high level managers and team leads who need an overview of projects or milestone completion rather than individual task completion.

High Level Boards can be organized by quarters, months, phases, clients, projects or any other way that works for the team. 

The high-level board can be supplemented by a lower-level weekly task board or a project board. This allows managers to see the overall status updates needed, while the team handles the day-to-day at a more granular level.

Let's start building it out!




The Basics

  • Step 1: Add your groups

Let's look at what high level board for a big rebranding project could look like. Our overview board lays out each milestone that needs to be completed per phase of the project .In this example, our high level board is going to be broken down and organized in groups of phases or stages. Alternatively, you can also use each group as a Quarter, a month and so on... 


  • Step 2: Add your basic columns & fill out some info!

To set this board up, add these columns to make sure you have all important info and are aligned:



People column

This column will help give clear ownership to one project manager who is overseeing this milestone.  By simply assigning a team member, they'll easily be notified in their Bell notifications.


Status column

This column can be customized to show all sorts of information such as progress status, priority and in our case, which department each specific milestone belongs to


Timeline column

This is a great column to organize and track all current and upcoming projects based on the specific time period that they need to be done in. We’ll see how this comes to life even more so a little later on.


Connecting your High Level to Low Level boards

There are multiple monday.com columns that allow you to connect your high level board to the more detailed low level boards to make sure that all relevant information is updated at all times! 

This allows you to connect and sync your high level board to other related boards. It enables you to reflect information from any column/s on your high level board to your low level board (or visa versa) and edit the information in either board. These changes will be reflected in both boards, making staying organized even simpler than ever before!

While high level boards focus on the overall picture, it is still useful to have visibility into certain core details from the low level boards. In the example below, we've reflected the progress of all tasks from our Low-Level PR Rebranding board (first image) onto the High Level Board for a quick overview (image 2).  

Low level PR Rebranding board:


Linked High Level Rebranding board:



To learn more about the mirror column, check this out.


Note: Currently you are able to connect the Link to Item column to only one board. Stay tuned for changes there!


This allows you quick access to any related low-level boards by entering the unique URL of those boards. Jumping between the boards will now be seamless and allow your managers to easily follow up on granular to do's To learn more about the link column, check this out




Tags provide a way to organize groups of items across different boards.



By tagging the department, the sub-category or any other information, and using "Search everything", you can link up all the different projects going on across the entire account with this same tag. This too is a powerful tool to connect your low and high level boards for easy navigation and staying in sync.



Power up your board with these Advanced Features

  • The Timeline View

There are loads of Views that you can add to your boards to visualize the information on the boards in a different way. The first view that's helpful to add is the Timeline View, which shows overlapping tasks for any given time period.

In this view, you can see to see all your milestones in relation to one another - in Gantt mode too. You can move dates around to ensure they better fit your teams schedule and you can click on the task itself to get a simple card view with more details.

The timelines can be grouped by status, project managers or departments for an even more informative breakdown. 



  • The Chart View

Another View that can take your high level board up a notch and allow you to gain insights is the Chart View. This can be used to breakdown your board per project manager, per milestone status, department or any other relevant information. 

Below, we can see an example of all our tasks broken down per department, but stacked by project manager giving us visibility into our resource management for this big project. 


To learn more about the Chart View, check this out.


  • Add automations

Automations allow you and your team to automate a lot of the manual processes that are currently carried out, saving you time and miscommunications! These are combinations of triggers and actions, allowing you to customize the parameters of each aspect of the flow to suit your exact needs.
Here are some useful automations to boost your high level board:

1) This automation: "Every time period, notify someone" allows us to send a reminder to the Project manager overseeing the entire rebranding process to check in on his team members, to write his weekly reports, or anything else recurring regularly. 


2) This automation: "When date has passed and status is something, notify someone every time period" allows the project manager to be notified whenever a due date has passed and the task is still not completed, so he can stay on top of his workload. 


3) This dependency automation ensures that certain milestone dates will be adjusted accordingly if their dependent milestone dates will be adjusted:


To learn more about automations, check this out.


  • Add Dashboards
In addition to creating a high level board - if you are looking to connect several boards together, into one view, check out our amazing Dashboards:
Dashboards are a great way to display what's important to you in just one, unified place. 
With the dashboards you can get a high level view of everything that is important to your team for high level overviews, comparisons and breakdowns.

To learn more about Dashboards, check this out.


If you have any questions about the high-level boards, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team at [email protected]! We are available 24/7 and happy to answer any questions you may have :)