The Status column

One of the best things about is that it's very visual and gives you a big picture at a glance, and Status columns is one of the key factors to this. The Status column allows you to see if the task is completed, is being worked on, or just any status you wish!



How to add it?

To add a column simply click on  button in the upper right-hand corner of the board and choose Status from the dropdown menu:


How to edit my labels?

Now it's time to edit the Status labels! To do this click on one of the Status column cells and click on Add/Edit Labels button in the bottom:


Here you can change the order of the status labels, the wording, and add more labels.
Don't forget to click Apply once you've finished!

Define which labels are "done"

In each of your boards, you can choose the labels that define a status as "done". Click on your status column and pick "column settings". From there, click on the label color you want to pick as "done".


You can also merge the Status column with the Due Date to create reminders. Read here on how to do this.

Add a footer to see the progress

You can add a footer to your status column to see in one glance the progress of your column. To do so, click on the arrow located on the right of the column's title and select "show footer".


You can choose for the footer to show a summary of what has been done, or of all labels. To do so, click on the footer as below: 


Et voilà!


Communicate inside the status box!


If you'd like to communicate on a specific status simply click the + sign that appears on the right hand corner of any status.


That post will show as well in the updates section of your item as below: 


Once you change your status, the note will disappear but remain in the updates section.

Create default labels

You can create default status labels for your account. This is useful to stay aligned and keeping the same statuses across your boards. To create default labels, keep reading below!

Step 1

Click your Profile Picture (Avatar) and then select admin. 


Step 2

Select customization and click on the tab "boards" as in the screenshot below:


Step 3

Edit your status according to your preferences. You can pick among 20 color labels! To learn more about the status column, please click here



 Note: This will not change any labels in status columns that have already been created. This will only work proactively to new status columns created.


And don't forget, if you have more questions or need help - just let us know at [email protected]