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Folders allow you and your team to keep your information categorized and organized within your account. They can be created within a Workspace and are able to house all of your data from your boards, dashboards, and workdocs!



How to create a folder

To create a new folder, simply click on the "Add" button located on your left pane and then choose "New Folder" as below: 



Note: Folders can only be seen by those who created it or those who have access to boards within it, and can only be deleted by the user who create the folder. 


If you do not see the navigation section on the left side of your screen, it may be because it is currently collapsed. Simply click on the arrow to open the navigation as so: 



Move your contents into a folder

Moving your account contents (board, dashboard, or workdoc) inside a folder is easy! All you need to do is drag and drop it beneath the folders name and then you're good to go!



Create new content directly within a folder

You can also create a new board, dashboard, workdoc, and more directly inside a folder! To do this, hover over the name of a folder, click on the three-dot menu, select "Create in folder" and then choose one of the options displayed.



Add a folder within a folder

Are you looking to add another layer of folders within a different folder to help further organize your work? Good news, you can now do exactly that!

To add a folder within a folder, simply hover over the folder which you'd like the new folder to be placed in and select on the three dot menu. From click on "New folder", give it a name, and you're all set. 🙌


Note: Currently, folders are only limited to one extra layer of hierarchy.


How to edit or delete a folder

To delete a folder, hover over the folder that you wish to delete, click on the three-dot menu, and then "Delete folder". To rename a folder, follow the same steps and choose "Rename folder" from the menu.


Note: Deleting a folder will archive all boards and delete all dashboards within it, including those that are private. You can restore individual boards from the Archives section and dashboards from the Trash section within 30 days.


Color your folders!

Better customize and organize the information in your Workspace by coloring your folders! This is a great way to keep all of your information color-coded and easier than ever to locate.

To color a folder, hover over a given folder and click on the three-dot menu that appears. From the resulting menu, click "Change color" and then choose your color of choice!



What's the difference between boards, folders and workspaces?

  • A board is the place where your groups of items are held. It's a virtual whiteboard where projects are stored as a way to keep track of everything from everyday tasks to month/year long projects... but so much better! Check out this article to learn more about boards. 
  • A folder is simply a storage space for boards. Folders make it easy to organize all of your boards so that your account can stay neat and clean.
  • Workspaces are here to help your organization better manage multiple departments, teams and projects in one unified place. They provide your account with a hierarchy of organization, allowing you to keep everything orderly as you seamlessly scale your account.





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