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Board members


Becoming a board member allows you to stay up to date to all the updates posted on your preferred boards and items. Board members can either subscribe to an entire board or just to certain items on the board! Continue reading for more info 👇

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Become a board member

When you create a board, you will automatically become the owner of a board. From there, you can subscribe other team members to become members of your board. You can also turn them into owners if you would like them to have extra permissions on that board. 

To become or add a board member to an existing board, you just need to click on the "Invite" button at the top of your board as so:

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Then, simply type your name or any of your team members into the search bar and click on them to add them!

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You can also add members with their email addresses! All you need to do is type the email address into the search bar and click "Invite a new member by email":


Tip: Want to learn how to become a board member from your mobile app? Head over to this article to learn everything you need to know!


Remove subscribers from a board

To unsubscribe yourself or others from a board, click on the "Invite" button on the top right of your board and then click on the "x" next to your name to remove yourself or others. If you are the owner of a board (marked with a blue crown next to your name), you will need to assign a new owner before you can remove yourself as a board member. To learn more about board owners, check out this article

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Note:  If you unsubscribe to a Shareable or Private board, you will lose access to that board and will need to be invited again.


Subscribe or unsubscribe to an item

There are several ways to subscribe to an item: 

  • When you create an item, you will by default be subscribed to that item
  • When you get assigned to a task, you will automatically become a subscriber to that item

In any given time you can add new subscribers to your items or subscribe yourself to an item. To do this, open up the updates section of an item and click on the three-dot menu located on the upper right. Next, click on "Manage subscribers" as shown below. 

BC- Manage Subscibers.png

From there, you will be able to subscribe yourself and others to this item. You can unsubscribe from an item by clicking on the 'x' next to your name. 


How do I get notified?

When you subscribe to a board/item, you will automatically start being notified each time someone is posting an update on that board/item. Check out this article to learn all about it!

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If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.