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Emails & Activities: Google Calendar integration


Who can use this feature:
monday CRM users
All monday CRM Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans


With the Google Calendar integration for Emails & Activities, you can use your Emails & Activities timeline as the single source of truth for your ongoing relationships with your clients. Read on to learn more. 📨


What does the integration do?

The Google Calendar integration works with Emails & Activities to centralize information. When the integration is connected, team members can show events related to a customer on that customer's timeline in Emails & Activities. Any new event that is created after the integration is set up and that has the item's contact as a creator or attendee will show up on that contact's timeline.


Set up the integration

1. Open the Updates Section. To set up the integration, open monday CRM and locate the board where you use Emails & Activities, typically your Contacts or your Leads board. In the board, open the Updates Section:

Frame 150 (1).png

2. Emails & Activities settings. Once in the Updates section, open your Emails & Activities settings:

Frame 151 (1).png

3. Add account. In the "Account setup and privacy" section, select "+ Add account":

Frame 152.png

Then, choose "Google Calendar" from the menu:

Frame 153.png

4. Give permission. On the next screen, click "Connect" to begin connecting your account:

Frame 154.png

You will be redirected to your Google account to sign in:

Frame 155.png

Then, you will be asked to give permission to integrate your Google Calendar with monday.com. Review the permissions, and select "Allow" if you agree:

Frame 156.png

5. Connect your account. Upon acceptance of the terms, you will be redirected back to the Updates Section on your board. Return to the settings and select "+ Add account" again. Select your newly added account from the menu to connect it:

Frame 158.png

That's it! Your integrated timeline is ready to go.


Events on your timeline

An event will appear in the timeline if:

  • the item's contact is an attendee
  • the item's contact is the creator and the connected account is an attendee

An event will not appear on the timeline if:

  • the item's contact was an attendee and the meeting was deleted
  • the item's contact was an attendee and the item's contact was removed as an attendee

Recurring events will only show if they:

  • occurred in the past
  • are a single event in the future


Permissions & removing your account

To adjust the permissions for your Google Calendar integration, open your Emails & Activities settings. Open the connections menu using the three dots to the left of your email address:

Frame 158.png

From here you can alter who can see your events related to your connected account or you can remove the account from your timeline entirely.


Remove Google Calendar

From your CRM settings

To remove an account from the Google Calendar integration, open your CRM settings:

Frame 173.png

Locate the account you want to remove under "My accounts", open the three dot menu to the right, and select "Remove account":

Frame 172 (1).png


From your Google Account

If you no longer want your Google account to appear as an option in the Emails & Activities settings, you can remove the Google Calendar connection from Emails & Activities entirely. When you remove the connection, any events that have been added to the timeline will remain in your timeline. Removing the connection only stops the sync for any events that you may create in the future.

Follow these steps to remove the Google Calendar integration:

1. Click this link to open your Google Account security settings

2. Scroll until you see "Your connections to third-party apps and services" and click "See all connections":

Frame 159.png

3. Choose "monday.com" from the list:

Frame 160.png

4. Scroll all the way down and choose "Delete all connections you have with monday.com":

Frame 161.png

5. Click confirm to delete the connection:

Frame 162.png


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.