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The Leaderboard Widget


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Available only on monday sales CRM


Oversee sales rep performance and understand sales funnel conversion rates with ease using the Leaderboard Widget! This widget helps sales managers stay on top of their team’s metrics and uncover bottlenecks, ultimately leading to a higher-performing team and more won deals.

Sales reps can also benefit by seeing how they stack up to their peers for some extra motivation and understand where to focus their efforts. Read on to learn all about how to customize and use the Leaderboard Widget!



How it works

In short, the Leaderboard Widget allows you to easily visualize and understand metrics about transitions from each deal stage according to the sales reps on your team. You'll find the sales rep listed on the far left of the widget, while the columns will display the total deal sum and average deal size for each rep, followed by the percentage of deals that transitioned through the various stages of your funnel.


Hovering above a metric shown in the widget will display additional information about it.

As an example, by hovering over the following metric, we can see that it took less than one day for one of our sales reps to transition 100% of deals from the stage of New to Discovery. Additionally, we can see there was one deal included here (as shown in the brackets) and the total deal sum is $5,000!



Finally, you'll also notice numbers highlighted in red or green to help indicate the top and bottom performers on your team relative to the average displayed at the bottom of each column. This is fully customizeable through the widget settings, which you can read all about here!

For instance, for the first sales rep, we can see that their average deal size was $5,000. As it is below the average deal size displayed at the bottom of the column ($21.13K), it is highlighted in red. Alternatively, every number that is above the average will be highlighted in green instead!


How to add it

To add the Leaderboard Widget, open up a dashboard view or multi-board dashboard on your account. From there, select "Add widget" and click on "More widgets" to open up the full widgets center. Then, search for the Leaderboard Widget, click on "Add widget", and you're all set!



Adjust the settings

Through the settings menu, you can adjust the way your information is displayed within the Leaderboard Widget according to the needs of your team! Simply click on the cog wheel at the top of the widget to access the settings.


Note: In order for the Leaderboard Widget to work properly, you must have your sales reps assigned on your board using the People Column. If no sales reps are assigned, the widget will appear blank.


First and foremost, when customizing your Leaderboard Widget, it is important to consider the Status Columns from your board as they will indicate the deal stages for your sales funnel. This directly coincides with the columns on the widget, so configuring this section properly is key!

From the "X axis" section of the settings, you can select which status column from your board indicates the deal stages. Then, select the labels that you'd like to have displayed on your widget, or de-select those you wish to exclude from it. Finally, you can reorder the labels so that they align with your deal stages. The top label will indicate the earliest stage of your funnel, and the bottom label will indicate the final stage.


Note: Unselected labels are important to keep in mind! Any data from unselected labels will be associated with the last selected label. For example, if you do not select "Lost" or "Pending Owner", etc. those labels will be associated with "Won" in the example below: Frame_14__1_.pngHowever, if the "Lost" label is not checked and it's at the top of the list, it will not be counted at all.


From the "Y Axis" category, you can select the relevant People Column from your board to indicate the sales rep on the far left column of the widget. Additionally, the "Deal Size" section will allow you to select the Numbers Column from your board that will be used for the deal value calculations within the widget!



Last but not least, the following two sections of the widget settings will allow you to select which columns are shown or hidden on the widget, and you'll also be able to adjust the table summary that is displayed on the bottom row of the Leaderboard Widget.



Customize the display

And finally, from the bottom category of the widget settings, you'll be able to control the conditional coloring that is displayed! You can choose if you want any conditional coloring to appear on your widget or not, and if you want to highlight all cells, only the top or bottom performers, and the amount of performers you'd like to highlight as well (1, 2,3, or all!).



Filter the data shown

Looking to drill down into the information displayed within your Leaderboard Widget? You can filter the data to show only information from specific sales reps, and to also adjust the funnel time frame as you wish!

To filter the chart according to sals rep, click on the "Rep" dropdown on the top left and select the reps you'd like to have displayed, or de-select those you wish to exclude. And finally, to adjust the time frame displayed in your widget, click into the "Funnel start date" dropdown and choose your time frame of choice! 




And, that's a wrap! We hope you enjoy using the Leaderboard Widget to help better understand the performance of your sales team at a glance. 💥



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.