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Creating two-way syncs with integrations


When using some of our monday.com integrations, we now offer the option to easily create a two-way sync between monday.com and the selected platform!

Read on to learn about what it means to create a two-way sync, and how you can go about configuring it within your monday.com board. 🙌


What is a two-way sync?

A two-way sync occurs when data is being both pushed from monday.com into the application you choose to integrate with, and the data is also being pulled from the application back into monday.com. This makes it so that your data matches within both platforms and remains up-to-date.


How it works

To explore how two-way syncs work, let's check out the below Jira Cloud integration recipe! The nature of this recipe allows you to choose the direction of your sync in order to create a two-way sync between Jira and monday.com.

When you set up this recipe, you'll be asked to map future changes between Jira and monday.com when clicking on "these fields". At this step, you can choose the direction of the sync regardless of the direction you chose earlier when clicking on "Sync" at the beginning of the recipe. Check out the section below to see how this is done! 


Keep in mind, this two-way sync recipe is specific to the new Jira Cloud integration. When creating two-way syncs with other platforms, the field where you can configure may be different. For example, with the new GitHub integration, the two way sync will be configured through the "an item" field in the below recipe. 



Tip: To identify recipes that allow for two-way syncs, look out for the word "sync" within the recipe!


Configuring two-way syncs

Following the example of the Jira Cloud integration recipe shown above, when you're mapping "these fields", you will select the field in Jira, the field in monday.com, and then the direction that you want the sync to occur. When defining the direction, you can choose for the sync to work both ways!

For example, using the GIF below, if you want to map your item's "Name" on monday.com to the "Parent Name" in Jira, you will select those fields. Then, under the "Choose direction" dropdown you can choose "Both ways" to indicate that the information will travel in both directions, thus allowing for a two-way sync.


There you have it! We hope you enjoy using two-way syncs with our monday.com integrations!





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.