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Integration connection resolution


Slack, Twilio, and Jira are a few of our most popular integrations. If you've received an error message regarding one of your established integration recipes, take a look at the sections below to see a few possible error messages and some troubleshooting steps. 


Note: Each of the following error messages will generate a bell notification, a banner on the recipe in the Integration Center on your board, and a failure message in the automation activity log


Slack Integration - archived channel

If you have a recipe set up that involves a Slack channel that has since been archived, the recipe will be disabled and you will receive the following error message. 



  • Error message: Your Slack Integration has been deactivated. Select another channel or unarchive channel in Slack.


How to solve it 

You can solve this issue by selecting a different channel to use with your integration or by unarchiving the channel. You can visit this Slack help center article to learn more about how to unarchive a channel. 


Twilio Integration - invalid phone number

The following error message is generated from 3 possible scenarios. Message:

  • Error message: This action has failed due to an invalid phone number.


Solution 1: unsubscribed recipient

The first cause of this error is when a Twilio Integration recipe is connected to a recipient who has opted out of receiving messages from your Twilio phone number, Channels sender, or Messaging Service. 


How to solve it 

This issue can be resolved if the recipient resubscribes to your messages by texting "START" or another opt-in keyword to your Twilio sender. You can learn more about this error message and how to troubleshoot by reading this Twilio article.


Solution 2: no SMS permission

The second scenario is when you have attempted to send an SMS to an unauthorized region. Each region must be enabled in your account's Messaging Geo-Permissions settings, which help you avoid long-distance charges. 


How to solve it 

You can solve this issue by enabling the region's permissions in the Messaging Geo-Permissions settings. You can read this Twilio article for more information.  


Solution 3: incorrect phone number

The last scenario is when you have initiated an outbound phone call to an invalid phone number. The number could be invalid because it either does not exist, was incorrectly formatted, or the recipient is the same phone number as the sender (you have attempted to call yourself). 


How to solve it 

You can solve this issue by checking the recipient phone number that you input and ensuring that you have used the correct country calling code, have not attempted to call or message from a Twilio number to the same number, and that the number is properly formatted. You can reference this Twilio article for more information about this error and formatting Twilio phone numbers. 


Jira app 

There are several error messages that you may run into with the monday.com Jira app. This article reviews some common errors and how to fix them. 





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