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Automation Activity Log


If you've ever wanted to gain more insight into your automation activity, the Automation Activity Log is for you. With the Automation Activity Log, you can gain insight into how your automations are running and where they might be getting stuck. ✨


What is it?

If your automation is not successful, the Automation Activity Log is a great place to start. When an automation is triggered, you will have the ability to keep track of any actions or outcomes on the activity log. This log will show you if the automation was successful or unsuccessful. If successful, the log will give you insight into when the automation ran.


Note: The automation activity log only tracks the past 7-days worth of data or up to 500 automation runs, depending on whichever happens first.


Opening the log

There are three ways to view your Automation Activity Log. You can view all automation activities on your board, all activities for a particular automation recipe, or all automation activities on a particular item.


Log for the board

To access the activity log for the entire board, visit the the Automations Center. To open the Automations Center, navigate to the top of the board and click on the word "Automations": 

Frame 4 (1).png

Next, click on the "Board automations" tab:

Frame 5.png

And then the "Activity log" button:

Frame 6.png

From there, you will see a list of all of the automations that have run on your board. The list will show the date and time that the automation ran and whether or not the automation is still in progress, has failed or ran successfully. For more details, open the drop down menu by clicking on the downward-facing arrow to the right:

Frame 8.png

In the case you see "In progress" next to your automation, this indicates that the automation is busy actioning and could take a bit of time. When you see "Failure" next to your automation it is indicating that the automation was not successful. A suggestion will appear, highlighted in red under the failed automation, on how to fix the issue. You can also follow our initial troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. 

By hovering over the "cog" icon that appears in your Activity log, you will see the action count produced by that particular automation, to assist in understanding your billed actions.

Autopilot- Billed Action Count.png


Log for a select automation

To view all activities related to a particular recipe, visit your board's "Automations":

Frame 4 (1).png

Select the "Board automations" tab:

Frame 5.png

Navigate to the recipe you want to view and click on the three-dot menu. From the menu, select "Automation Activity":

Frame 7 (1).png

This view will give you insight into the activity related to this automation. You'll see every instance, including the date and time, when this automation ran. The log also displays whether or not the automation ran successfully. If the automation failed, you can see which element of the automation created the problem.

In this example, there was a failure in the connection between monday and Slack:

Frame 2.png



Log for a single item

To access the Automation Activity Log from an item:

  1. choose the item and open the dialogue window,
  2. open the "Activity Log" tab,
  3. and click the "Automation Activity" button.

Frame 9.png

This will open the board's Automation Activity Log. There you will see a list of all of the automations that have run on your board.

If you want to see which automations have run for this item, scroll through the "Activity Log" tab and look for the monday icon:

Frame 10.png



Log filters

The Automation Activity Log has a few filters for easier navigation. Depending on how you access your Automation Activity Log, you may see different filtering options. The filters can always be found directly above the list of activities:

Frame 1.png



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