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monday CRM on mobile


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Who can use this feature:
monday CRM product subscribers
Available on all monday CRM plans


We have something exciting to share-- monday CRM is now accessible on mobile! If you have purchased and installed the monday CRM product on your account and you use iOS or Android, you can start working with it today. 🏃🏽‍♀️



In order to access the monday CRM features on mobile, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must currently use the monday CRM trial or have purchased and installed the monday CRM product on your account
  • You must have subscribed to monday CRM on or after May 20, 2022
  • You must have an iOS or Android mobile device with the following versions (or newer) -- Android (4.92), iOS (4.60)


The mobile experience

Currently, the mobile experience is an extension of the monday CRM product on the web. It is not meant to replace the web experience, but rather to enhance the web experience by making the most important aspects of your CRM available on the go!

The mobile experience gives you access to the entries made on the four core boards of your monday CRM-- the Leads, Deals, Account, and Contacts boards. Additionally, you can use the Emails & Activities app on the mobile app to send emails, add activities, and review past communications with your contacts right from your mobile device.


Open monday CRM

To access monday CRM on mobile, you will need to open up the monday.com app on your mobile device. On your home screen, make sure to navigate to the workspace where your monday CRM product is installed and then click on one of the four boards below in order to open up the CRM mobile experience:

  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Deals

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Once you open up one of the CRM boards, you can then navigate between tabs on the menu bar along the bottom of the mobile app to access the other boards.

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If at any point you'd like to navigate to the board (rather than using the mobile CRM experience) you can click on the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and select "Go to Board".

You can also use this menu to provide feedback to our team about the mobile CRM experience!

Frame 15 (2).png



When you navigate to the "Contacts" tab of the app, you'll see a list including every person entered into the Contacts board on the web. Your contacts will be listed in alphabetical order. The icons to the right of each name indicate whether or not you have a phone number or an email address for that contact.

If you tap on a contact, you will open that individual contact card. There you will see all of the emails and activities entered for that contact in the Emails & Activities app on the web.

Frame 16 (4).png

From here, if you've entered a phone number or email address on the web, you can either call or send an email to the contact. To call the contact, tap on the "Call" button. Click on the phone number to call from your mobile device.

Frame 17 (1).png

After the call is completed, a call summary will be instantly created where you can add notes and save any additional information you'd like to add to the completed call!

To send an email, click on the "Mail" button. Choose which email client you'd like to use to send the email.

Frame 18 (3).png

If you choose the email that you use with Emails & Activities on the web, any emails you send will be recorded on the contact's Emails & Activities timeline on both mobile and the web.

Note: In order for an email to be recorded here, you must have the same email address connected here as you do on the web version.



When you navigate to the "Leads" tab of the app, you'll see a list including every lead entered into the Leads board on the web listed alphabetically by their name. You can also choose to order your leads according to their account name or the date the lead was created:

Frame 19 (2).png

Clicking on a lead will open the lead's item card. Here you'll see every email and activity recorded in the Emails & Activities app for this lead.

Frame 20 (2).png

From here, you can also call or send an email to a lead using the lead's email and phone number if listed.



When you navigate to the "Deals" tab of the app, you'll see a list of every deal you've entered into the CRM on the web. Your deals will be automatically categorized according to the deal's name. You can also choose to order them according to group, name, date, account, or the deal stage:

Frame 21 (1).png

Clicking on the deal name will open the deal's item card. Here you'll see every email and activity that has been entered into the Emails & Activities app for this deal.

Frame 22 (2).png



When you navigate to the "Accounts" tab of the app, you'll see a list including every account entered into the Accounts board on the web. Your accounts will be listed in alphabetical order automatically. If you prefer, you can choose to order them chronologically.

Frame 23 (2).png

Clicking on the account name will open the Account's card. Here you'll see all of the communication and activities recorded for that account in the Emails & Activities app.

Frame 24 (2).png

This is an excellent way to review your account's progress on the go!


The item page

By default, when you open an item on any board, you will see the first three columns of information listed in the "Details" section. Tap "See all" to view the information saved in each column for that item:

Frame 25 (2).png

You can choose which columns to display in your "Details" summary by tapping on "Customize" and ticking the box to the left of the columns that you want to display:

Frame 27 (1).png


On the full item page, you have the ability to edit any field using the "Edit" button in the top right corner. Save your updates while on the go to make sure your team has the latest information!


Add new activities

In the mobile version of Emails & Activities, you have the option to add the following new activities:

  • Note
  • Meeting
  • Call summary

To do this, start by clicking on any contact, account, lead, or deal. Then, click on the blue "+" on the bottom left corner and select "Note", "Meeting", "Call Summary" or "Custom Activity" from the menu:

Frame 29 (1).png

Once you've typed out your note, call summary, or scheduled your meeting, don't forget to click on "Save" in the top right corner of your screen!


That's all for now! We're always working to make your experience with monday CRM better. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments with the mobile experience. 😄




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.