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The Doc Column


We all love using monday workdocs as a collaborative tool for project management. Now you can incorporate them into your board via a Doc Column. This column allows you to create new docs from scratch or from a template with the click of a button. 


How to add the column

Click the "+" to the right of your columns and select "monday Doc" from the drop-down menu.

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Add Docs 

Once your column is added, you can customize it by changing the name, adding a column summary, etc. To add a new Doc, simply click the cell you want to add a Doc to and a blank Doc will open up.

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To delete a Doc, click the "x" to the right of the Doc in its cell and click "Delete" in the pop-up window. 


Deleted docs can be restored from the trash tab. You will only see docs in the trash that you have permission to access and restore.


Note: Since each Doc created in the Doc Column lives solely in this location, deleting it from the column will delete it entirely from your account. 


How do I use a Doc Template?

There's no need to create an entirely new Doc every time you wish to add one to your Doc Column. There are two ways to work with templates in the Doc Column. Let's review them both!


Choose a quick template 

When you create a new Doc, you'll open up a blank slate, but you don't have to start from scratch if you'd like a little more structure! At the bottom of your new Doc, you'll see a few templates listed under the "Quick starters" heading. Hover over a template to preview, and simply click to get started with your template of choice!

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You can also view these templates and more in the settings pane (accessed by clicking "+Add" in the top left corner and selecting "Templates"). You can hover over these for a preview, and even use the search bar to look for other templates within your account. 


You can create a template from any existing Doc in your account by clicking the 3-dot icon at the top of the Doc and clicking "Save as a template". 

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Set a template for the whole column

The second option is to set a Doc template for the entire Doc Column. Doing this means that every time you create a new Doc, it will automatically use the pre-determined template. To set it up, click the 3-dots beside the column's name, and then click "Settings" and "Set Doc template". 

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You'll then be given the option to use an existing template or to create a new one. If you want to use one of your templates, click "Use your templates" and scroll through all available templates in your account in the template center. You can even use the search bar to find what you're looking for. 

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To create a new template to be used for all items in your Doc Column, click "Create new". Next, create your template. Whatever you type here will be your starting point every time you create a new Doc in this column, so be sure to build a framework with no specific details pertaining to any given item. 

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Note: Currently, you are only able to choose Doc templates you have individually created and saved in your Template center, following the steps in this section. 


Dynamic text

Do you have a Doc with information that changes based on a connected item in your board? You can incorporate them seamlessly together and keep them in perfect sync by using the dynamic text feature. Pull column values in real time directly from the item to the connected Doc in line with your text.


Type a "{" into the location within your text you'd like to add a dynamic field. The menu will offer you 3 options - to add the current time, today's date, or a column value. If you choose a column value, you'll open up a new menu with the item's name and the other columns in your board. 

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And voila! The dynamic fields you chose will be automatically updated according to their values in the board. If you set dynamic text on a template, each individual doc will fill in the values in real time according to their connected item. 

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Tip: This feature is excellent for generating pricing quotes or invoices, keeping project overviews or reports updated automatically, release notes for Product Managers, and so much more! 


Column permissions

All Docs in the Doc Column take on the permissions of the board it belongs to. This means that if your board is private, all of the Docs in your column will be private, with access only to board members. If the board is changed to main, the Docs will follow suit and change to main along with it. 


This applies to:

  • Editing permissions
  • Viewing permissions
  • Creating and deleting a Doc

If you are unable to perform an action with a Doc, reach out to an account admin to see if there may be permissions enabled. 


What are the differences between Docs created in a workspace vs in the Doc Column?

There are some key differences between workdocs created in a workspace and Docs in the Doc Column that are important to keep in mind. These include the following:

  • Sharing Docs is only allowed based on the permissions of the respective Doc
  • Any new Doc inherits the respective board, item, and column permissions


There are also differences between Docs created in the File Column vs the Doc Column including:

  • The ability to save a Doc as a template is not available in Docs on file
  • Account guests cannot create Docs on file
  • Sharing Docs is only allowed based on the permissions of the respective Doc rather than the board's permissions



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.