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Pricing for guests


You can easily collaborate with external stakeholders (guests) through the shareable board section. The amount of guests you are able to invite varies depending on the plan you have purchased. Let's dive into it!


Important Note:  A guest must have a different email domain. If a guest has the same email domain as the original person that created the account, they will not be able to join as a guest! 


Trial account

If you are on a Trial, the amount of team members and guests you can invite to your account is unlimited. If you ever decide to move to a paid subscription, please ensure before upgrading that you have the correct amount of guests and team members according to the plan you will pick.


Basic plan

The shareable boards are not part of our basic plan. If you are interested to use this feature, we recommend you to go for the Standard plan. For more information about our basic plan's features, check out this article


Standard plan

On the standard plan, the amount of guests is limitedYou can invite up to 3 guests for free. The 4th guest will count as a billed team member. This means that if you go for the standard plan 5 seats, you can invite a total of 5 team members and 3 guests.


Note: If you exceed the total amount of seats, your plan will be automatically upgraded to the next one. We will send two notification emails prior to the upgrade. 


Pro or Enterprise plan

On both of these plans, the amount of guests you can invite to your account is unlimited 🎉




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.