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The monday Apps!

We're excited to release the monday Apps! The monday Apps feature will let you easily expand what your monday.com account can do. You can now build and install custom views, widgets and integration recipes to use across your boards!


What is a monday app? 

monday Apps add functionality to your monday.com account to go above and beyond what the platform can already do. You can install an app that adds a specific integration, unlocks new visualizations through board views and widgets, and combinations of these.

Each app consists of a set of features: board views, widgets and integrations. App features can be used on your boards and dashboards just like our native views, widgets and integrations — it's seamless.


 The monday Apps Framework

The monday Apps framework is how the magic happens. The framework allows developers to build views, widgets and integrations in a low-code environment. We give you the tools to build views and recipes, and you can build whatever your team needs. To learn more about building an app, see below!


Installing Apps

Later this year, we will introduce an Apps Marketplace where you can install apps that have our team's stamp of approval.

If you want to install an app before then, head over to our community. This is where developers will be sharing apps as they build them. Since any developer can build an app, make sure you install apps from trusted sources.


Building an App


To get started and build your first monday app, check out our Builders Homepage which is a one-stop shop that contains links to our apps and API documentation. You can see examples of apps that were built by our team here: monday Apps Framework


Building your First App

Once you're ready to build your first app, read one of our quickstart guides:

- Building your first board view and widget

- Building your first integration


Not a Developer? Thats OK, you can still use the Apps!

If you're someone who wants to use apps and not build them, head over to our community to download apps from other developers (again, make sure you install apps from trusted sources!) or stay tuned for the Apps Marketplace!


Getting Help

If you need further support with our API or apps platform, check out our Developers' Community. It's the best place to get technical help from experts and ideas from other developers who are also building monday Apps. The community is managed by members of the monday.com team and experts from our community.


If you have any further questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].