How to create alert reminders?

Never miss a deadline anymore with our alert reminders! There are several options to create a due date reminder: you can schedule an automation within the platform, use our calendar integration or use our deadline mode. This article covers all three options. Keep reading to learn more! ⏰


The Deadline Mode

In order for the deadline mode to work, you need to ensure to have a date or timeline column and a status column. You will be notified within the platform if a task is reaching its due date and hasn't been completed yet (meaning its status hasn't been turned to "done"). To learn how to use the deadline mode, check out this article.


Alerts and reminders with automations

Using automations, you can now create a due date reminder by scheduling an automation based on a date or timeline column. You can pick who will be notified. The notifications will show within the platform (on the bell) as well as by email (if your email notifications are on). Check out how this amazing feature works right here

Calendar Integration

By integrating your timeline or date columns with your personal calendar, you can quickly set up alerts for upcoming item deadlines. This feature works with Gmail calendar, Outlook, iCal and more. Read this article to learn how it works. 



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected], and our awesome support team will be more than happy to help you with this!