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Deadline Mode



Say hello to Deadline Mode! Using this feature, you can connect your Date or Timeline Columnswith a Status column on your board to easily visualize deadlines, ensuring that you and your team stay on track at all times. Keep reading to learn more. ⬇️


Enabling Deadline Mode 

Deadline Mode works by connecting together a Date or Timeline Column together with a Status Column on your board. Therefore, in order to enable deadline mode, first make sure that you have the following columns in your board:

Next, click into the column menu of the Date or Timeline Column that you want to set in Deadline Mode and select "Settings" and then "Set as a Deadline".

1 (1).png

Next, you will see a screen that asks you to connect the Date or Timeline Column with a Status Column and a People Column, if you want. You can use the arrow to open a drop-down menu of all of the Status and People columns in your board to select from. After you have chosen your columns, click "Connect columns". 


That's it! You should now see the 2 or 3 connected columns, and the following symbols next to dates in the deadline column:


For the Timeline, you will see a set of bars with the start and end date, with the bar filling up like a thermometer as you approach the end date. Once the task is set to "Done" the bar will show a check mark on the left and will be completely green.


Defining status labels as "Done"

In each of your boards, you can choose the labels that define a status as "Done". By defining a status label as "Done", Deadline Mode will be able to display if an item has been completed or not.

To customize this, click on the three dot menu within your Status Column, pick "Settings" and then "Customize Status column". From there, click on the label color(s) you want to define as "Done".




Add a time to your deadlines

To make your deadlines even more accurate, why not add a time to your Date Column? You can do this from the calendar dropdown when selecting a date within the Date Column. Just click on the "Add Time" button and then add the time you want the deadline to end.


The time will then determine when a task is considered overdue, when a date column has deadline mode set. 


My Work and Deadline Mode 

Our My Work feature compliments Deadline Mode outlined above.My Work appears on your monday.com left pane and helps to centralize all of the items that you have assigned to you across your entire account in chronological order, so you can make sure to stay on top of all your work.

By adding a People Column and assigning people to items on your boards with Deadline Mode, each assigned user will start to see items in My Work, providing them with a summary of what work needs to be completed soon. You can learn more about that here.


Due Date Reminders

Want to ensure you never miss a deadline? Using monday.com automations, you can now schedule notifications for yourself and for your team when your deadlines are approaching. To set up this automation, click on the three-dot menu to the right of a Date Column's name to open up the column menu, then select "Set Due Date Reminders". 


To learn more about configuring due date alerts and reminders with automations, check out this article.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.