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How can I integrate my board with my calendar?

The calendar integration feature is one of our most important ones. It introduces some more visibility and structure to your workflow by allowing your due dates to appear on your own internet-based calendar. Setting this up is easy to do, let's see how we can take our deadlines to the next level. 📆

Available on our 14-day free trial as well as on the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans, you can sync your calendar in a few simple steps.

How to set it up?

Step 1

Add a Date Column or a Timeline Column to your board (if you haven't already, here's how), like so - 


Step 2

Click on the dropdown menu from the column and choose 'Column Settings': 


Then choose which calendar you'd like to sync with (Google or Other): 



Step 3

Now you should choose to sync your board to whatever internet-based calendar you're using. You have the option to sync all the items on the board, or only the items that are assigned to you.

If you choose to sync only "My items" you must add a Person Column to the board and assign those items to yourself in order for them to show up in the calendar sync.


Please note that we offer Google Calendar and Outlook as mere options - your preferred calendar will work just as well :)



In order to sync the board with your Google calendar, simply click on the blue button "Sync with Google Calendar", and then select whether you want to sync only your assigned items or all items on the board. A new calendar will be created and you're all set!


Step 1

If you need to sync the board with your Outlook calendar or iCal (for example), click on "Sync to Outlook or Other Calendar". You'll receive a pop-up with a link to integrate with your calendar, simply click on "Copy"; If your internet-based calendar (which isn't Google Calendar) is your default calendar you'll be able to click "Sync to my default calendar" - 


Step 2

Select "add calendar" and then "From internet", like so:


Step 3 

Paste the copied link into the empty field and click "OK", like so - image__2_.png 


 Note: The board will be integrated as a new calendar (you can change its name in the left pane). In order to get a better view of the calendar, you will be able to click on the arrow on the left of the calendar's name to view both calendars on the same view as below.




Step 1

First click on "File" and then "New Calendar Subscription", like so - 


Step 2 

Then input the link copied from monday.com to the highlighted field and click "Subscribe", like so Screen_Shot_2018-08-07_at_12.28.05.png 

Step 3 

On the following screen, name the calendar and switch the Auto-Refresh to "Every Hour" - Screen_Shot_2018-08-07_at_12.35.06.png 

Select OK to save :)

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How to clear a calendar date?

You can always clear the date(s) by clicking on a date in the Date column (or the end of one of the Timeline columns), and then clicking the trash bin 🗑

How to change the Google Calendar linked to my account?

You will need to un-sync the current calendar and then sync the new one. Please follow these steps.

Step 1

Click here to access your Google App settings

Step 2

Under "Apps with account access" click "Manage Apps".


Choose monday.com and click "Remove Access".

Step 4

Next, log back in to your monday.com account and follow the steps listed above to sync your Date or Timeline columns with the new Google Calendar.

Step 5

You will be prompted to choose the correct Google account to link. Once you sign in to the correct one, you should be all set!


We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team. We'd love to assist :)