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The Progress Tracking Column


The progress tracking column allows you to combine all the status columns of each item into one, beautiful battery-like view. This column is a must to visually keep track of the progress of your tasks. 


How to add it

To add it, click on the + icon located on the top right of your board and select "more columns".

Group 1 - 2023-07-23T143148.550.png


Once in the columns center, search for "Progress Tracking" and click to add it to your board. 


How it works

Once you've added the column, your progress bar will show you the percent to completion of your tasks based on the different status columns of your board. The percentage in each item represents the amount of tasks marked as "Done".

For instance, in the first item on the board, the Progress Tracking Column shows 75% because 3 out of 4 Status Columns have been marked as done.

Group 1 - 2023-07-23T145144.215.png


Tip: In each of your boards, you can choose the labels that define a Status as "done". Click on the three dots at the top right of your Status Column to access Settings. Click "Customize Status column". From there, choose the color or colors you want to associate with "done" items.


The percentage shown at the footer (located right below the column) will show the overall percentage of tasks marked as done within the group. Whenever you mark a task as done, the percentage updates accordingly. Whenever you update your status columns to "done", the progress bar of your item will show 100%. 

Progress Column.gif


Note: The Progress Tracking Column is not supported in automations or in the Formula Column.


Customize the settings

If you have several status columns in your board to represent a different phase of a task, you can pick each of these columns to be linked to the progress tracking. Over the progress column header and click on the three-dot menu, then "Settings" and then "Customize Progress Tracking Column":

Group 1 - 2023-07-23T150829.594.png


Then just check or uncheck the columns you want the progress column to consider and adjust the percentage shown within the checked columns until it adds up to 100% and then you're all set!

Progress Column 3.gif


If you'd like each Status Column to hold an equal value when calculated for the Progress Tracking Column, you can select the "Distribute weight equally" button and then all of the selected columns will have the same percentage which adds up to 100% total!

Progress Column 4.gif


Note: If you add a new Status Column onto your board, it will not automatically be added into the calculation for an existing Progress Tracking Column. To add it into the calculation, click into the column settings, check the box to the left of the newly added Status Column, and adjust the percentage accordingly.



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