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The Time Tracking Column


Wondering how much time you spend on each task? You now have the ability to track it with the Time Tracking Column! ⏰

Note: This feature is only available for the Pro and Enterprise plans.


How to add the Time Tracking Column

To add it, click on the + icon located on the top right of your board and select "More columns".

Add Time Tracking.png


Once in the column center, select the option "Time Tracking" as in the screenshot below:



How the Time Tracking Column works

Whenever you start a task, simply click on play to start the timer. You can pause it anytime and start it again. 

Time Tracking PlayPause.gif


Note: The timer activity of each item can be found in the Activity Log.


You can also choose to add in a range of time manually by clicking into a cell within the Time Tracking Column and selecting 'Add session manually':

Time Tracking Manual Entry.png


Note: Keep in mind that you can't enter future values!


Choose how your time is displayed

By default, the Time Tracking Column displays the time tracked in seconds. However, you can choose to toggle this off so that the time shown will be in minutes instead if you wish!

To do this, click into the down-facing arrow next to the Time Tracking Column title and press "Column settings". From there, simply uncheck the "Show seconds" box and you'll be good to go.

Time Tracking Hide Seconds.gif


Get a time tracking log history

Clicking into a specific time tracking cell will open the Time Tracking Column's history and log.

Time Tracking Log.png


You can easily view the progress of each task and the time intervals. All of the entries can be manually edited. Just click on the time and you will have the option to enter a different time and date. Edited values will turn red.

Time tracking Manual Entry Red 2.png

Hovering over an entry in the time tracking log will reveal an X to the right of the time, allowing you to delete the entry if you wish. 


Tracking time in Subitems

If your items or tasks have smaller steps within them which need to have their time tracked, you may consider adding the Time Tracking Column within the Subitems on your board! In order to do this, simply open up a Subitem and add in the Time Tracking Column just as you would for a normal item on your board.

Time Tracking Subitem.png


Get a visual overview of time tracked in the Subitems

In order to easily see a summary of the total time tracked within the subitems, you can choose to aggregate the subitem time tracking column data directly into the parent item. To do this, open up the Time Tracking Column settings from within the Subitems, and select "Show Summary on Parent Item":

Time Tracking Subitem Total.gif


Export the Time Tracking Column to Excel

To export the entire Time Tracking Column to Excel, click the column menu dropdown and select "Export Column Data to Excel."  This will allow you to export the entire column's data to one spreadsheet for easy reporting.

Time Tracking Export.png


When exporting the entire column to Excel, you will see all details, including item name, user that recorded the time tracking, and time totals on both an item and board level.



Tip: If you'd like to export Time Tracking Column data from specific items or groups, try saving a board filter with your desired items or groups and then following steps above to export your column!


You also have the option to export single items within the Time Tracking Column to Excel rather than the entire column.  To do so, click on the item within the Time Tracking Column and select "Export to Excel" at the top right of the Time Tracking window.

Time Tracking item Export.png

This option will export only the details of this specific item to an Excel spreadsheet.


To learn more about importing and exporting from Excel, check out this article


Create a total sum for your time tracker

Although the Time Tracking Column is not automatically summed, if you'd like to see the total time tracked across all items in the group summary, this can be achieved using the Formula Column!

Time Tracking Add Formula Column.png


In our example below we have a creative agency using the Formula Column to create a total sum of hours spent by team members working on different design projects:


Formula: {Time Tracking#Hours}


Time Tracking Formula Total.gif


Tip: You can also choose to round the above sum off to the nearest decimal place or 2 decimal places by adding a ROUND() function and specifying the decimal places in the second argument of the function: ROUND({Time Tracking#Hours},2)


Additional calculations with the time tracking column

There are many ways to utilize the Formula Column in relation to the Time Tracking Column that will help provide an overview of the time spent on different projects. 

  • Tracking minutes 

The formula used can also be adapted to capture different units of time. If the projects being worked on required recording the total sum of minutes, such as in the case of calculating the run time working on short films:

Formula: ROUND({Short Film Length#Minutes},1)


Time Tracking Formula Total Minutes.gif


Note:  If there is an ongoing session in the time tracking column, the formula will not automatically update to reflect the changing time. Only once the session is paused, the formula will adjust to include this new session.


  • Tracking billable hours

The Time Tracking Column can be used to track the billable hours spent working on different designs. This information can then be used to calculate the total cost to each client at the end of the project. Say there is another column on the board that indicates the hourly rate charged for this particular project:

Formula: ROUND(MULTIPLY({Time Tracking#Hours},{Hourly Rate}),0)


Time Tracking Formula Billable Hours.gif


Note: With the addition of the Formula Column, the information stored in the time tracking column can be used to calculate many useful things. For more examples of possible formulae that can be used, read our article Available functions in the Formula Column


Tip: We have three integrated apps that are useful for advanced time tracking.
  • Tracket
  • Time Reporting Solution
  • TMetric 

You can access these apps in our monday.com Marketplace 



To learn more about the Formula Column, check out this article




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.