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Where to find board, item, and column IDs

When creating an integration you need to know few details, such as Board ID, Item ID, or a Column ID. Here are the instructions on where you can find them.


Board and item ID

Those can be found in the URL – just click on the item you are interested in, and the URL will look like this:


The board ID is this set of numbers:


And the item ID is this set of numbers:



Column ID

Finding a column ID is a little bit more tricky, to get is please follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin -> API -> copy your API token, it looks like this:



  • Now go to the Developers page and paste the API token you copied in the field as below:


  • In this page find the API call called 

mceclip8_1.png ​

  • Open this API call, insert the board ID there (only the ID, not the whole link) and click "Try it out!" button. In the results you receive you will see the column IDs like this:



Highlighted in red is the board ID – unlike the column ID, it’s usually words, not the numbers. The columns are shown in the same order as they are in the board. The first column one is always the name of the item.

If you have any further questions about emailing an item to a board, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending us an email to [email protected]!