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Product separation & pricing model update, July & August 2024


Who does this change apply to:
monday.com accounts that purchased a subscription to monday CRM or monday dev before the end of 2023
All paid plans; Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise


Our products continue to evolve to match the specific business needs of our customers. As a result, by the end of July, each monday.com product will be priced individually. As an early adopter of our newer products, your plan will receive a discount to honor your existing contract terms and pricing until your first renewal in 2025. A few exceptions apply and will be discussed later in this article.

Read on to learn more about this change and how it will impact your account.


What's changing?

When monday’s newer products (monday CRM and monday dev) were first released, our early adopters enjoyed benefits like reduced pricing or additional products included. However, our products have significantly evolved since the initial launch. Each product is now capable of meeting the unique business needs of revenue teams, engineering teams, and many others. Considering this evolution, all monday products will now be priced individually.

If you'd like to learn more about recent developments and enhancements, check out the "Comparing products" article.



Frame 1561553251.png

1. June 2024 - July 2024
No action is required. As an early adopter of our newer products, your plan will be discounted to maintain your previous contract rate until your first renewal in 2025. In other words, your pricing will be effectively frozen until then.

However, if you choose to make changes to your subscription before your first renewal in 2025, they will be billed individually per product.

Check out the following chart for a more detailed look at how certain changes will impact your account:

Plan change Existing seats Added seats, products, or entire downgraded subscription
Adding seats to one or more products in your subscription* No change  Billed individually per product 
Adding an additional product  No change  Billed individually per product 
Removing products from your current subscription Billed individually per product  Billed individually per product 
Moving to a lower plan tier Billed individually per product  Billed individually per product 
Reducing the number of seats on your account Billed individually per product  Billed individually per product 

* This can be an admin initiated subscription change or an enforced change from adding seats to your account that exceed your subscription’s allotment


2. Q4 2024

Reminders will be sent with supporting resources to help you navigate this change and make the right product choices for your team.


3. Your first 2025 renewal

If no changes are made to your account or plan, the individual pricing model will apply upon your first renewal in 2025.


How is monday preserving my existing subscription price?

Your account will receive a discount that will allow you to maintain your current subscription rate until your first contract renewal in 2025. Your account’s discount will be the equivalent of the difference between (1) the previous pricing for your total subscription and (2) the individual product pricing for your total subscription.

Let’s look at an example.

  • When I purchased a monday CRM subscription for 5 Pro seats, I received 5 monday work management Pro seats built in, for a total price of $120
  • Updated individual product price: $95 (monday work management, $19/Pro seat) + $140 (monday CRM, $28/Pro seat) = $235
  • Discount = Updated Price - Previous Price
    • The discount is equal to the difference between the updated price and the previous price.
    • In this example, the individual product price is $235 and the previous price is $120.
    • The discount I’ll see on my invoice is $115.

This discount is static. If you add seats to your account, each seat will be billed individually per product. Let’s continue with our example:

  • Suppose I want to add 5 additional seats to my monday CRM Pro plan for 10 seats total. I want to keep monday work management the same at 5 seats.
  • With the unique discount applied, my first 5 seats on monday CRM and my 5 seats on monday work management cost $120.
  • The 5 additional seats on CRM are billed at the updated individual product pricing. The individual price for monday CRM is $28/Pro seat. I will pay the full, updated price for those 5 additional seats, $140.
  • This would bring my total to $260.
  • The 5 Pro seats added to monday CRM will not have access to monday work management.

This unique discount and benefit is only available to customers who purchased monday CRM or monday dev before the end of 2023.


Note: As a reminder, this discount is applied on top of the new individual product pricing. The discount will not reduce the cost of your current plan.


Why the change?

Since the initial release of monday CRM and monday dev, our products have evolved significantly. Each product has matured to fully accommodate specialized business needs.

monday CRM

For monday CRM, this can be felt in strategic new features that simplify customer relationship management and elevate the way revenue teams work, including mass email capabilities, AI insights and writing assistance, enhanced data integrity, sales-specific reporting, advanced calendar integrations, and more.

monday dev

For monday dev, this is evident in new and revamped features that make it easy to build better products end-to-end all on one platform. This includes a revamped Kanban view, agile reporting must-haves like burn down and burn up reports, radar charting, improved feedback tools, customized roadmap viewing, and more.

Going forward, monday.com is dedicated to continuing to develop each product to fully meet the individualized needs of relevant teams.


Recent and upcoming enhancements

Take a quick look at some of the unique features that have been implemented since the launch of monday products in our “Comparing products” article.

We have many more exciting enhancements coming up in 2024 and 2025. You can review some of our plans in the "Upcoming features" section of our “Comparing products” article.

To stay in the know on feature releases, keep an eye on our What's New page.


Product user types

  • Member 

Members are users on the account who have an allocated seat in a product. If a member has a seat in all products on the account, they will have full access to those products. 

  • Product non-member

A Product non-member is a user who has an allocated seat on one of the products on the account, but not on all products. The product non-member has viewer capabilities in all other products in the account, as well as the ability to write and like updates in these products. A user can only be a Product non-member if they are a member of at least one product in the account.

  • Viewer

A Viewer is a user who does not have an allocated seat on any of the products on the account. If assigned a Viewer role, the user will only have viewer permissions in all products on the account. Viewers have no editing rights whatsoever, and cannot create or like updates. They can only view boards in the different products. 

  • Guest

A Guest is a user who is external to your organization and to your affiliates, subsidiaries, and any other related entity. Examples of Guests are clients, vendors, freelancers, external consultants, etc. A Guest must have an email domain that is different from the email domains associated with your organization, affiliates, subsidiaries, and any other related entity, and can only be invited to Shareable Boards. They will not be able to view information on Main or Private Boards.


General Questions

When does this change take effect?

The pricing changes discussed in this article went into effect for new customers in January 2024. For existing customers, the individual product prices will go into effect by the end of July 2024. However, we've applied a discount to subscriptions for existing customers. As such, the individual product prices will only apply to an existing customer's account when:

  • Their subscription renews for the first time in 2025
  • They downgrade their account or plan in 2024 or before their first renewal in 2025 occurs
  • When upgrading their account or plan in 2024 or before their next renewal occurs in 2025. In this case, the individual product pricing will apply to the additional seats, product, etc.


Why is the price changing now?

We now offer a robust product suite. Each of our products has matured to the point that they can stand alone. Since January, new accounts have subscribed to monday product plans with higher subscription rates and products priced individually. To ease the transition for our existing product users, we are honoring their subscription rates until their first renewal in 2025.


Why are you pricing products individually?

Since the initial release of monday CRM and monday dev, each of our products has significantly evolved. By collecting, analyzing, and implementing your feedback, we've been able to offer new, specialized features for you and your teams. There are many more developments to come in 2024 and 2025.


What improvements have been made recently?

For a detailed list of recent improvements and enhancements, check out the “Comparing products” article. To learn more about new features as they're released, take a look at our What's New page.


What are the differences between monday products?

To learn more about the differences between monday products, take a look at our “Comparing products” article.


If I remove a product, what will happen to my data?

If you would like to keep boards and building blocks built within a product that you plan to remove, we recommend first moving that data to another monday product. To learn how to do this, take a look at our "How to move content between products" article. To further ease this transition, we're currently working on a tool to allow customers to move entire workspaces between products. We will update here when it's ready for you!


Billing Questions

How much will I be billed in 2025 when my subscription renews?

Take a look at our pricing page to learn what to expect. Remember to consider the plan tier, number of seats, and subscription terms for each product.


What happens if I renew my plan before the end of July?

The individual pricing model will not take effect for existing accounts until they:
(1) make any plan change outlined in this article following July 2024
or, if no change is made, (2) their first renewal in 2025.


What kind of subscription changes will trigger a change in pricing?

The following subscription changes will trigger a change in pricing:

  • Removing a product from your account
  • Downgrading your plan tier
  • Reducing the number of seats on your subscription
  • Adding seats to one or more products in your current subscription will trigger a change in pricing for the additional seats only

If you do not make any changes, the individual pricing model will take effect after your first renewal in 2025.


Can I keep my current, lower pricing?

We have proactively implemented a discount for existing accounts that had a subscription to multiple monday products before January 2024 and would be most impacted by this update. This discount will remain in effect until your first renewal in 2025. After that, there will not be an option to retain your discount and thus your current, lower pricing.


The individual prices are much higher than what I’m used to. Is this justified?

Since the value of our products has massively evolved, the previous pricing model is outdated. However, we have prioritized our existing customers by proactively implementing a discount until their first renewal in 2025. We are confident that our new individual pricing model is still competitive, cost-effective, and offers tremendous value for your investment. We encourage you to do your own research and compare similar products to monday.com's product offering. We're certain you’ll reach the same conclusion!


How can I reduce my bill?

As a reminder, most changes to your account will switch your contract to the individual product pricing model. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to make any changes to your account right now. We’ve added an in-platform notification to alert you:

Frame 195.png

If you're looking to decrease the cost for you and your team in 2025, here are a few ideas:

  • If you're a monthly subscriber, upgrade to an annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are offered at a discounted rate compared to monthly subscriptions. You get more mileage for your money on an annual plan.
  • Review and adjust your plan. Do all of your users need access to multiple products? It may be, with the improvements in recent years, that your account would be better served by adjusting your plan upon renewal. Remember, if you make changes to your subscription now, the individual product pricing will go into effect immediately.
  • When reviewing your product subscriptions, look for users on your account who no longer need access and deactivate them. At that point, you can adjust your plan to reflect the updated number of seats in use on your account. You can also consider if your plan tier is the best option for your account.
  • Whatever decision you make, remember to wait until renewal to retain your discount.


I am not willing to renew at these prices. What's next?

We're confident that our recent developments provide a superior experience for our customers. If you feel that this hasn't been the case for your team, please get in touch with our customer experience team or contact your monday.com representative to discuss this in detail. There may be enhancements that you haven't put to use for your team yet.

Your account will not be impacted until your first renewal in 2025. At that time, if you do not wish to continue your current subscription at the individual pricing, we encourage you to review your team's product usage and needs. You can review or update your subscription in the "Administration" section of your account.


Can I speak with someone directly about this change?

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, we want to hear from you. If you're working with a monday.com representative, you can reach out to them directly. If not, we’ve added more ways for our customers to connect with us (e.g. live chats), expanded our global coverage, and implemented tools and processes to provide you with the most relevant, up-to-date advice and support. Reach out in whatever way feels best, and we'll be here to get you the answers you need.



Thank you for your business, trust, and loyalty. Your confidence and continued investment in the monday.com mission enables us to grow. We look forward to showing you what we have in store for 2024!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.