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WorkCanvas sharing permissions



Have you put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect canvas? Do you want to share that canvas with the world? 🌎 

With WorkCanvas sharing permissions there are two options to share; either by Restricted Access or Public Access, ensuring that your canvas can be seen and accessed by new members of the account, as well as guests.  


Private Access 

When a member is invited to a canvas via the "Private Access" option, they are automatically given access to not only the canvas they were added from, but all the canvases in that specific team or project. The added member by default will have access to the account's homepage, and will also be given Editor permissions which can be adjusted after they have been added.   

WC- Restricted Access New.png


Note: Only admins of the account can utilize the Private Access sharing option and can share canvases that they are not the owner of. Members of the account will need to utilize the Public Access option discussed in the below section. 


Public Access 

When sharing via Public Access, anyone with the link can access that specific canvas, but no other canvases on the account. The member sharing the link can also choose the invitees role, being either Editor or Viewer. If the member enables "Anyone with a link can Edit", then anyone who receives that link can edit the canvas and forward the link on.

WC- Share Public Link new.gif


Note: Only Owners of the Canvas can change the sharing option to Public Access. Once the public link is live, members on the account that have Editor permissions can share a public link. Those with Viewer permissions, cannot share a public link. 


The Public Access link is only available on our Pro and Enterprise plans. If you attempt to share a public link on the Free Plan, a message will appear, reverting you to upgrade your account. All members of the account can upgrade the account, however only Admins can cancel the account billing. 

WC- Upgrade to Share.png


The owner of the Team or Project can also change an existing member's permission on the canvas from within the Share Canvas modal, using the dropdown arrow to the right of the members name. Here they can choose to change existing members to either "Viewer" or "Editor". 

WC- Change user type from share model.gif

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.