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The Deal Stages Widget


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Who can use this feature:
Available only on the monday sales CRM product.


What is it?

The Deal Stages widget helps you track your progress with your leads and deals in a visual and comprehensive way. The widget is interactive - if you mark your progress on the widget then the item will be updated as well.

The widget also allows for the following:

  • display the amount of time spent at each stage of the deal or relationship
  • easily reopen a closed or abandoned deal from the last active stage

The Deal Stages widget is built into the monday sales CRM product. You can find it on the Leads and Deals boards within the product.




Currently, the Deal stages widget is automatically added to the monday sales CRM product for those who purchased a subscription on or after July 12, 2022. If you do not see this widget available on your subscription, you can gain access to this tool by opening up the updates section of an item and then adding the Deal Stages widget, as shown below: 



How to use the widget

The Deal Stages widget is built into the Leads and Deals boards. For this example, we'll look at the Deals board.

When a Deal is added to the Deals board, you can find the Deal Stages widget by opening the updates section.


The widget lives in the Overview tab.


As you'll see when you open the tab, the widget will update automatically! You have several customization options that will be covered in the next section of this article, but the widget will be up and running as soon as the item is created and filled out.


Customizing the widget

Open the widget's settings using the gear icon.
All of the options for customization will be listed on the right side.
Status labels and deals stages 
In the top section, you can choose the Status column you would like to display with the widget. You can then choose which status labels to use as phases. If the labels aren't listed in your preferred order, you can hover over a checked label and drag and drop the labels into your preferred order.
Final phase
In the next section, you can customize options for the last stage of the deal. For the final phase label, you can type in anything that works for your team! You can also set which status labels will be used for a deal when it is complete or incomplete.
Highlight the most important details
In the last section of the settings, you can choose up to 3 columns on your board that will be displayed at the top of the widget.


That's it! We hope this tool empowers your team to make big moves and close more deals. 🤝



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.