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The Llama Farm Widget



We have created something you never knew you needed but won't be able to live without. You can now view the status distribution of your tasks in the form of a llama farm! The Llama farm widget will display a llama for each item in your board and the color of the llama will match the status of a specific status column in that board.

Let's learn all about how it works, below!


How it works

The Llama Farm Widget transforms the items on your board into a game-like view of the goals that you are trying to reach. It works by displaying a llama for each of the items from your board (or multiple boards!), and the color of the llama will match the status label of a specific Status Column in the connected board. 



As you change the statuses of the item's on your board, the llamas' color will change accordingly. The aim of the game is to turn all llamas green, thus representing that they are done, before the due date arrives (we'll learn how to customize this in a bit!). Once all the llamas turn green, you’ll get to enjoy a llama dance party! How fun is that?!


Tip: Don't forget about the baby llamas on your widget which represent the subitems from your connected board! While they will not reflect the status of the subitems in color, they are a great indication of how many subitems you have on your board. 


How to add it

The Llama Farm Widget can be added either as a widget on a Board View, or as a widget within a Dashboard. Having it as part of your board view will allow you to take the data from one board and transform it into a Llama Farm, while having it on a Dashboard will allow you to aggregate data from multiple boards into one!


  • Add it to your Board View

To add the new Llama Farm Widget to your board view, click on the plus sign and select "More views". From there, search for the "Llama Farm Widget" in the widget center and select "Open in board":

Dashboard Llama Widget- Board View.gif


  • Add it to your Dashboard

To add the Llama Farm onto your Dashboard, click on the "Add widget" button on the top left and select "More widgets". From the Widgets Center, locate the Llama Farm Widget and click on the "Add Widget" button as so: 

Dashboard Llama Widget- Dashboard.gif

Note:  The Llama Farm Widget is based on the Status Column, so you first need to input your data into one or more of these columns before the data can be displayed in the widget. 


Customize it

Use the widget settings to customize the way that your Llama Farm Widget is displayed! The settings are accessible by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right of your widget and then selecting "Settings".

Dashboard Llama Widget- Access Settings.gif

Let's go through each of the categories of settings to see all of the available customization options. 


  • Choose groups

First, you can pick which of your board groups you want to display data from on the Llama Farm Widget. Simply select a group to have it displayed on the widget, or unselect it to remove it from the Llama Farm.  

For our Event Management use case, it's important for us to get a good picture of the status of all aspects of the event being managed, so we've included all of our groups here from the connected boards.

Dashboard Llama Widget- Select groups.png


  • Start & due date

You can set a start and due date for the items displayed on your llama farm! Doing so will adjust the due date shown at the top of the widget and will also affect how happy your llamas will be appearing as progress is made on your board (more on this below!)

To set a start and due date, tick the "Pick start & due date" box from the widget settings and then select a start and due date from the date pickers as so:



  • Goal title

You can use the "Goal title" setting to change the name displayed at the top of your Llama Farm Widget! Simply type the title of your choice and you'll see it reflected on your widget right away.



  • ֿStatus Columns

If you have more than one Status Column on each of your boards, you can choose which ones you want to display in your widget for each connected board. In the below example, we selected the ones titled "Status" from both of our connected boards.


Tip: A llama will be created for each item in the color that corresponds to the color of your status label, so don't be afraid to make your board colorful and bright!


  • Goal points term

Rather than using the phrase "Goal points" on your widget, you can choose the exact wording that you'd like in order to indicate the amount of Llamas, or goals, that you have!



  • Boards

And finally, if you have multiple boards connected to your larger dashboard, you can choose to display the data only from a specific board (or multiple) in this widget. Simply tick the box to the right of the board name in order to have it displayed on your Llama Farm Widget!



Filter your llamas

If you don't need to see all of the items from the connected boards, you can click on the filter icon to display exactly the ones that you are needing to see. As an example, if we want to show llamas only for the items due this week, we can click on the "This week" filter choice and only those specific items will be presented!



Keep your llamas happy!

Uh oh! Do your llamas look a bit sad and down? To keep your llamas looking happy and upbeat, regardless whether your board's items were marked as "Done" on time or not, you can uncheck the "Pick start & due date" box from the widget settings, as below. 



Alternatively, to have the Llama Farm Widget more game-like, you can keep this box ticked! This way, if you manage to mark items as "Done" between the Start and Due date, the llamas will look happy and fed! Otherwise, if sufficient progress is not made on your board within the set Start and Due date, your llamas will appear as sad.

We love to see the happy, trotting llamas that appear as the items are marked as "Done" within the set dates! 🎉




And, that's a wrap! We hope you enjoy watching your llamas trot around as you're reaching your team goals! 🌟




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.