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Item default value


Do you have a workflow where every new item requires a specific set column value? Do you want to minimize the manual work of having to add this same value to each of your new items one by one? With the item default value, you can quickly and easily set up specific values that will automatically be applied to all new items on your board!


Note: You must be a board owner in order to set up an item default value.


How to set it up

To create a default value for the new items on your board, begin by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right of your board, "Board settings" and then "Item default values" as below:



From the pop-up screen that appears, you will be able to define what values you would like to set as default, and for which exact columns. Simply click into the column fields, select the values that you want to set, and click the blue "Save changes" button to proceed!


In the example above, we set the following default values for all new items created on this board:

  • The assignee will be assigned to Noy
  • The "Phase I" column will have the label "Working on it"
  • The "Time Est." column will display 3 days

These values will now apply to the specified column(s) every time you create a new item!



Removing default values

If you'd like to remove a default value that is set on your board, click to open up the default value picker once again. From here, select "Clear all values" and then the blue "Save changes" button to finalize the removal of all default values.



Use case

While there are endless possibilities with the item default value, one of the times it can really come in handy is when you want to automatically connect every new item on your board to a different board in your account. 

Let's consider how this can be done in the below "Property Listings" board. In this use case, we want to automatically connect every new property listing to a realtor from our "Realtors list" board. We already have a Connect Boards Column linking the two boards, so let's see how we can use the item default value to automate this connection!


In order to automatically link a new property listing to a specific realtor, we clicked on the item default value button and chose to link the realtor Tanika to every new item created.



With this in place, every new item will automatically link itself to the Realtors List board and specifically to Tanika, so we can easily have all of the information that we need in one place!





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.