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EU data residency

By default, the data on your account is stored in the United States, but we have recently implemented an option to store data in the EU. Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions and deep dive into all the details you need to know when considering your storage options.


Note: This option is only available for Enterprise plans. 


What is a data region?

A data region is a geographical region where online data is physically stored. 


What type of data is stored there?

Account data refers to everything on your monday.com account, whether it is uploaded by you or controlled by monday.com. So which type of data is stored in what location?

  1. All data that is uploaded to your monday.com account by account members, including files, images, items, Updates, etc., will be stored in the region you've selected 
  2. All data controlled and secured by monday.com, including user credentials, profiles, usage analytics, metadata of automations, integrations, and monday Apps will be stored in our default region in the United States. 

To learn more about the data we process and the data we control, please see our Privacy Policy and DPA.


Note: As monday.com headquarters is located in Israel, your uploaded data will be also processed in Israel, which is deemed by the European Commission as affording an adequate level of data protection


Where can I choose to have my data stored?

By default, monday.com stores all user data in a data center located in the United States. As of January 2021, Enterprise users have been provided the option to choose between data centers in the U.S. and an EU data center located in Frankfurt, Germany. Both of these options are storage facilities that are operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Additional regions are currently under review and will be announced in the future as they become relevant options. 


Does this include data stored by sub-processors as well? 

Yes, if you have chosen an EU data center as your region of choice, sub-processors that we use to provide certain functionalities in our platform will store your data in an EU data center. To view the sub-processors in use in the EU data region click here


Can I change my data region?

Since the data is stored physically in a predetermined location, once an account is active and begins storing your data, it cannot be moved to an alternate location. If, however, you choose to switch to a different data storage location, you simply have to reach out to your local partner or Enterprise account manager, and they will create a new account that will store your data in the data center of your choice going forward. 


Please reach out to your local partner or Enterprise account manager for more information about data migration. 


How do I know what my data region is?

While you cannot change your data region through your monday.com admin section, you can view your storage details there. Click your profile picture, and then select "Admin". Once in the admin section, click the "General" tab, and you should see the region indicated under "Data residency" at the bottom of your screen, as shown below:



Does the data region affect how you use monday.com?

The selected data region does not change the user experience of monday.com.


However, there are a few features that are impacted when choosing to store data in the EU. 

  • Files - As of August 2020, only PDF files can be processed by EU data processors. This means that other types of files are not supported by EU-based sub-processors. 
  • Templates - Some ready-made templates are facilitated in other regions, and are currently unavailable for use on accounts storing data in EU data regions.
  • Slack Notifications - If you store your data in the EU, you will not be able to use Slack notifications on your account. You will, however, be able to use the Slack Integration.
  • New features - There may be instances where we perform a gradual rollout of a new feature or functionality in phases. The feature or functionality is often first released to a certain percentage of accounts or to accounts in certain locations or data regions. This means that depending on your location or data region, you may not receive new features in the early stages of new feature deployment.  


We are working hard on enhancing these functionalities and hope to bring them to every account, regardless of the data region, very soon!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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