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The Creation Log Column


The Creation Log Column automatically adds the creator and date and time of creation for each new item on your board! It's a great way to keep track of the activity on your board. 



How to add it

To add the Creation Log Column, click on the the '+' to the right of your Columns and select "More columns" from the drop-down menu like so:


Once in the Column Center, select the option "Creation Log" as in the screenshot below:



As soon as this column is added to your board, it will automatically be populated with the profile picture of the person who created each item and the date of creation! No need to fill out the column yourself!


Tip:  If you hover your mouse over the Creation Log column, you can see the exact time in an item was created.


Customize it!

Through the column settings, you can adjust the creation log to display only the profile picture of the person who created the item, only the creation date, or both of these together. 



Using the Creation Log Column with a form

Is a monday Form being used to populate items onto your board? Do you wish there was an automatic way to see who submitted each form response? Well, you can easily achieve this by adding the Creation Log Column onto your board and ensuring that certain criteria is met!

The following three conditions must be met order for the creation log column to recognize the form submitter:

  1. The user who submitted the form needs to be a user on your account and have access to the board which the form is on (either main board or subscribed to the private/shareable board)
  2. The user needs to be actively logged onto the monday.com account at the time that they submitted the form
  3. The user needs to be logged into this account only and not another one
Note: If a form is submitted and either of these three conditions are not met, the creation log will show the name of the person who created the form.


Filter it

Using the advanced board filter, you can filter the information from your board according to your Creation Log Column! Here, you can choose to display items according to the person who created it, or according to a specific time frame which an item was created such as today, yesterday, past dates, or more.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.