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The Files Column


We know you use lots of different ways to integrate your important files into your board, but we wanted to give them the spotlight they deserve. Introducing a column dedicated entirely to all kinds of files—the Files Column! 📁  Keep reading to learn how it works. 👇


How to add it

Click the "+" to the right of your Columns and select "Files" from the drop-down menu like this:



How it works

Once your column is added, click inside the cell to add your file.  If you are using the Desktop app, you will only be able to upload files from your computer rather than from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

See the different options of adding files
  • From your computer/desktop
  • From a link
  • From Google Drive
  • From external platforms such Dropbox, Box, OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Creating a new monday workdoc straight from the Files Column




Note: If you're having trouble connecting your Google Drive account, try clearing your cache and allowing third-party cookies. Additionally, Team Drive is not yet supported at all. 


Once your files are added, they will look like little icons within the column. Hovering over a file will show you a preview of it!


Note:  500 MB is the maximum file size for each individual file. If the files you'd like to upload are bigger than that, you can create a zip file and upload that instead or upload them from Google Drive or Dropbox.


To view your file in full-screen, simply click on it!



Note:  Any files located on a Files Column will not be visible or downloadable within a shared view


Add a monday workdoc 

We all love using monday workdocs as a collaborative tool for project management. Incorporating workdocs into the Files Column can help you keep your docs centered in one, easy-to-use space on your board. 

Here are the key differences between workdocs and Docs on file that are important to keep in mind:
  • The ability to save a Doc as a template is not available in Docs on file
  • Account guests cannot create Docs on file
  • Sharing Docs on file is only allowed based on the permissions of the respective Doc
  • Any new Doc on file inherits the respective board, item, and column permissions
  • A Doc created in a File Column is granted the same editing and viewing permissions as the board it belongs to

To add a workdoc to your Files Column, click the cell you'd like to use and select "Doc" from the dropdown menu:

Group 143.png

Choose either "Connect existing Doc," "New Doc," or "Doc Templates."

Group 143.png

Note: If you are unable to create a doc, there may be permissions enabled by an account admin. The doc takes on the permissions of the board it belongs to, meaning that if the board is private, the doc will be private as well. If the board is changed to main, the doc will follow suit and change to main along with it. 


If you chose to create a new doc, the board, item, and Files Column will be listed at the top so you can see at a glance what it corresponds to while you're working. 

Group 143.png

Note: You won't find newly created workdocs within the Files Column in your workspace where your other workdocs, boards, and Dashboards are stored. Any workdoc that is newly created in the Files Column will be exclusively located within the individual board it was created in.


If you attach an existing workdoc, whenever you are working on that doc, you will see a link to its original location highlighted in a banner right at the top. 

Group 143.png

Any edits made in a connected Doc within the Files Column will be reflected in the original workdoc.


Tip: Check out the Doc Column to learn how to seamlessly integrate monday workdocs into your workflow. 


Upload a file from a link

We now offer the option to instantly upload a file through a link! To do this, click the "From Link" option when adding a file. Insert your link, provide a name for the file, and click "Save" in the pop-up window that appears! Now every time you click on the file, you'll be instantly redirected to that linked file in a new tab!




What type of files can I upload? 

See the file types we accept
  • JPEG
  • Word/Doc
  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • GIF
  • MP4
  • CSV
  • SVG
  • TXT
  • AI 


Add annotations to your files

Have you ever wanted to create a dialogue with your team by making comments on an uploaded file? Do this by using our annotation feature! Gone are the days of having to exit the file in order to discuss it, or worse yet—download it, make comments and then re-upload it. With this feature, you can comment, tag, and converse directly within your file in the File Column or Files Gallery!


See how to add an annotation to your file
  • Click on one of the files from the File Column or from the Files Gallery
  • Click on the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen that says "Comment"
  • Select any part of your image where you would like to leave a comment
  • Type your comment and click "Update" to save!




Tip: You can tag team members within the Updates and they’ll be notified in their bell notifications!


Add multiple file versions

Help streamline your workflow by displaying multiple versions of a file in one place! Use the file versioning feature to save multiple versions of your file in one centralized area so you can easily see all the changes that took place! 🙌

To access this feature, click to preview one of the files in your Files Column and select "Versions". View all existing versions of the file and click "Add version" to upload a new version!



How can I delete a file?

To delete a file, simply hover over the file's cell and click on the 'x' that appears to the right of the file as shown here. You can also delete the file by viewing it in full screen and clicking the trash can icon at the bottom of the file.


How can I download my files?

Click on your file to preview it. Select the three dot menu in the upper right hand corner of the preview and click on "Download File". You can also download the file by viewing it in full screen and clicking the download icon at the bottom of the file. If you have multiple files uploaded to one item in the files column, you can download them all at once in a zip file!




Note: All user types (including Guests and Viewers) are able to download files from the Files Column. To read more on the different user types that we offer, check out this article.


How can I see all of my files?

See all of your files in one place in the Files Gallery! This view allows you to see all the files from your board in a consolidated, gallery-like view or as a widget within a Dashboard! Check out this article for more information!




We hope you'll enjoy the Files Column as much as we do and see your workflow improve—we know it will! 😉 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.