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How do I edit my profile?

Help your teammates learn more about you by completing your profile. By default, everyone can add the following to their profile: a name, title, email, phone number, Skype and time zone. ✨

How to upload a profile picture?

Your profile photo helps your team know who you are 😊 Follow these steps to upload a picture:

Step 1

Click on your profile picture (or initials) on the bottom left of the screen and select "my profile"


Step 2

Hover your mouse over your avatar and click on "change profile picture" as below:


Once you've clicked on it, you will see the option to "change picture" or a "remove picture." 



 Tip: If you wish to change the color of your avatar, click on "remove picture" and then refresh the page. Once you refresh the page, a new color will be assigned randomly to your avatar. You can do this a few times until you are assigned a color you like.
Step 3

Once you've clicked on "change picture", you will see the option to upload a photo either from your computer (JPEG or PNG) or from your Facebook profile.


Step 4

Adjust the dimensions of your picture and once you are satisfied, click on "crop image".
You will get a preview of what your profile picture will look like. If you are happy, click on love it. If not you can select "try another picture". 

Add custom fields in your profile

 Note: This feature is available for our Pro and Enterprise plans.
You have the option to add your own custom fields in your profile. This feature is super useful for sharing extra details such as department, floor, spirit animal 🐼
To add custom fields, follow these steps!
Step 1
Click on your profile picture (or initials) on the bottom left of the screen and select "admin"


Step 2
Click on "customization" and then select the tab "user profile" which is the furtherest right. 
Step 3
Scroll at the bottom and click on "add new custom field" as below: