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Connect channels using monday service


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Who can use this feature:
Only board owners can connect channels
Available on monday service


Tickets are inputted into your ticket management board via channels. You can choose from a few different available channels, including connecting an existing email inbox, using a WorkForm, or even creating a custom monday Inbox! Let's review all of these options. 


Which channels are available?

There are a few options available that will allow you to input incoming tickets into your monday service Tickets board. Each option will be discussed in depth later in this article. The channels are:

  • Existing email inbox: Gmail or Outlook 
  • Create a new monday Inbox
  • Use a WorkForm


Note: The "Channels" setup button is only found at the top of your Tickets board. 


How does it work?

Each incoming email or ticket submission will create a new item on the Tickets board in the "Unassigned tickets" group. When an agent replies back to the customer, they will be replying from the same channel (email address) that the ticket was sent to. Replies back and forth are all maintained within one thread and can be found in the Ticket Overview page of the ticket's item. 

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This means that if, at any point, the customer or agent sends a new email rather than replying to the thread, it will not appear here within the ticket. If the customer sends a new email, even if it is related to the open ticket, it will be added to the board as a new ticket. 


Which data will come from the channels?

Depending on which channel you choose, you will have different data automatically filled into your board from an incoming ticket. 


Existing email or monday Inbox

If you generate incoming ticket through reception of a new email in your existing or custom monday Inbox, the board will pull data automatically into the following fields:

  • Item name - this is taken from the email subject
  • Description - taken from the body of the email
  • Customer name - this is the email sender's name
  • Email - this is the sender's email address



If you use a WorkForm to generate incoming tickets, you will be able to customize exactly what details a customer will have to fill into the form. You can choose to make certain questions mandatory, while others may be optional. All of the data will be automatically translated into the columns in your board so that you will have all the information needed to solve your tickets in one place. 


How to create a monday Inbox

Turn your monday service account into the ultimate ITSM ticket management system with a custom monday Inbox! You can create a unique monday email account that's directly managed through your Tickets board. Let's take a look at how to set it up and customize it. 


From your Tickets board, click the "Channels" button at the top of the page.

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Now, click "monday Inbox" to create a custom email inbox just for your ticketing system!

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You can now customize the domain username (before the "@") as well as the display name. The display name that you choose will appear as the sender in your customer's inbox when you respond to their ticket. When you are satisfied with the name you've chosen, click "Save". 

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Note: Currently, you can not customize the second level email domain (after the "@"), but we are working on it and hope to offer this service soon, so stay tuned! 


When you're finished, you'll get a confirmation with a preview of your new email domain. 

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You'll now see the number of channels you have connected indicated at the top of your board, as shown here:

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You can always go back in and connect others to add more than one way to receive tickets.


How to connect an existing email 

To connect your email address, simply click on the "Channels" button at the top of your Tickets board. 

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Now, choose either Gmail or Outlook. Choosing this option will create a new item on your board from each incoming email to the chosen inbox. 

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Follow the steps on your screen to connect your email inbox. If you need a little more guidance, you can take a look at the step by step directions for Gmail in this article or for Outlook in this article

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How to connect a WorkForm

A WorkForm can be set up as a view on your Tickets board and will serve as a channel for receiving new incoming tickets. The form can be sent to customers both internally and external to your organization, and is a very structured way to generate a ticket including all of the necessary details. 

Note: Although you will receive tickets through the form, you will still need to set up one of the other email inbox channels so that you will be able to communicate with the customer. 


To create a Form View, click the "+" beside your views' tabs and choose "Form". 

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You can read this article to learn all about how to set up a WorkForm that will work for your unique needs. You can flip through the different settings tabs for advanced customization, sharing capabilities, analytics, and automations. Make sure to include the email field so that you will always know where to reply to a ticket and keep al correspondence within the thread.

Tip: You can choose which fields are mandatory to fill out and which are optional. However, make sure to make the "email" field mandatory to ensure that you will always know where to send your response. 




To send your form to others, click "Copy form link" or click the arrow beside it for more options. You can choose from the drop-down menu different social media options, email, Whatsapp, or you can use a link to embed your form or send a QR code to be scanned by customers. 


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And you're ready to go! Every submitted form will become an item in your "Tickets" board. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.