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Emails & Activities: create templates


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What better way to streamline customer, client, and lead communication than having a template ready to go for each stage! Read on to learn how to create a template for you and for your team in the Emails & Activities app.


How to create a template

To create a template, type in the body of the email. You can add dynamic fields to your email template using the "{} Columns" button on the bottom right of the text editor. The "{} Columns" fields will pull in text from the columns on your board. This is a great option if you consistently send out the same welcome email, for example. You can apply a personalized template for a new contact, and the email you send will instantly be personalized based on the fields on your board.

When you've added text to the body of the email template, click on the "Templates" button and select "Save as new template". You will then have the opportunity to name your template and click on "Save".


Note: The ability to share your template with other team members is only available to users of the monday CRM product. You can read more about it in the section below.


Use your template

To use the template, create a new email, click on the "Templates" button in the lower right corner, and choose the name of the template that you would like to apply!

Once your template is created, you have the option to rename, update, and delete it as you wish. Read the next couple of sections to learn how.


Rename your template

When creating a new template, you will have the option to name the template before saving it.

To rename a template, start a new email, click on "Templates" and then hover over the name of your template. Click on the pencil icon, edit the template name, and click "Save":



Update your template

To update the contents of your template, start a new email, apply your template, and update the email with your changes. Next, click on "Templates" and then hover over the name of your template. Click on the second icon to "Update template":


To edit the name of your template, click on the pencil icon, change the name, and click "Save".


Delete your template

To delete a template, click on the "Templates" button, hover over the name of your template, and click on the trash icon to delete it:



Share your template

Who can use this feature:
Subscribers of monday CRM
Available on all plans


Subscribers of monday CRM can now decide who to share their templates with! You can make this choice when initially setting up the template or when editing the template.


When creating a template

To adjust the share settings when creating a new template, click on the "Shared with" dropdown menu. Choose "Only me" to keep the template private or choose "Everyone" to share with your teammates.


Note: Shared templates will be available to everyone in the account, however, only monday CRM members can share templates.


When editing a template

To adjust your template share settings later, click on "Templates" in the bottom right corner, hover over the pencil icon next to the name of your template, and adjust the share settings according to your preference. Don't forget to click "Save"!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.