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Email to board


Are you looking to have a seamless connection between your email inbox and monday.com account? Well, keep reading because this guide will bridge the gap between your emails and boards in a few easy steps! The Email to board feature allows you to send emails from your inbox straight to your monday.com boards in the form of new items or updates! Let's check out the Email to board and Email to item features! 


Tip: Looking for more information on email to board formatting? Check out this article for more information 😊 


Who can email my boards or items?

Attention: Please note that the unique email address generated for email to board contains your individual API key and should only be shared with others you trust for security purposes and never publicly.


Any member or guest in your monday.com account, as well as trusted colleagues outside of your account, can send emails to boards or items.

  • Account members

Account members can send an email to any Private, Shareable, or Main board that they are a member of! The account member must send the email from the email address associated with their monday.com account (i.e, the email address they used to join the account). 

  • Guests

Guests on your monday.com account can send an email to any Shareable board they are a member of! The guest must send the email from the email address associated with their monday.com guest account. 

  • Viewers and trusted colleagues

Viewers and colleagues who are not connected to your monday.com account can send emails to your items or boards with the same email address members use. It is important to note that this email address allows people who are not members of your account to create items and updates in your account, so you should be careful when distributing the email address and only give it to those you trust. 


How can I send emails to my boards? 

There are three ways you can connect your emails to your monday.com boards! You can:

  1. Send an email as a new item to your board 
  2. Send an email as an update to an existing item
  3. Set up an integration with your Gmail or Outlook inbox


Send an email to a board as an item

Both account members and non-account members can send an email to a board as a new item. Let's take a look!

  • Account members and guests

When you send an email to a monday.com board, the email becomes a new item in the board! The first step is to retrieve your board's unique email address! To find out what it is, head to the board you wish to email and click the three dot menu in the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select "Board settings" and then "Create items via email":




At the bottom of the pop-up window, you'll find your board's unique email address! You can click "Copy" to copy it to your clipboard so that you can paste it directly into your email. 




Alternatively, you can also create a customized email address to make it easier for account members to remember! Click on the downward arrow next to "Use a customized address" and edit the email address to your liking. Click "Copy" to copy it to your clickboard:




  • Customized email addresses can only be used by account members.
  • Only admins of the account are able to customize board addresses.
  • Subscribes to the boards can view and copy the customized address.
  • Board owners can ask admins for approval to edit the customized board address.


Now, it's time to head over to your email inbox to create your new email! 


Before sending the email, we may need to slightly modify our email to make sure it appears just how we want it to inside our board!

  • The recipient line must have the board's email address (we saved it as a contact for security purposes mentioned before)
  • The subject line will become the name of the item in our board



  • The body of the email will become an Update on the new item, so we have to make sure that everything inside the email's body is what we'd like to see in the updates section of our item - including files!  



Tip:  Some emails have a "Reply above this line" feature. In this case, if you do not remove this section when forwarding the email to your board, your Updates section will be blank because the body of the email is considered to be above the reply line. Just remove that part of the email and it should work perfectly!


And voila! Your email will appear as a new item in a new group called "New Clients" at the very top of your board! All of your future emails will appear in this group, so you can customize the group's name to suit your needs! All you have to do is fill in the rest of the columns for the new item by hand once it appears on the board. 




Click the speech bubble to open the item's updates section to take a look at the body of your email. Now, you'll have all of the details together in one place!




Note: The creator of the item or update is the user who copied the board's unique email address (which contains the personal API key). For example, if two users individually copied the email address link and created emails, each one would appear as the creator of the update. However, if one user copied the address and sent it to another user, the user who copied the address would appear as the creator of the update.


Send an email to an item as an Update

When you send an email to an item in your board, the email becomes an update in the Updates Section of the item! To do this, retrieve your item's unique email address in the item's Updates Section. Click on "Write updates via email" and copy your unique email address.




Here at Greenfield Gardeners, we often receive email requests for jobs from clients and send the client emails to let them know what work was done to their gardens the last time we visited their property! To make sure that we can see all of this correspondence in our monday.com board as well, we send the email to both our client and our item's address! 


Tip:  If you are sending the email to both the item and a recipient who is not a member of your monday.com account, make sure that you "Bcc" the item's address. This is to ensure that the recipient will not receive an error message from your monday.com item if the recipient of your email replies with the "Reply to All" action.



The email will appear as a new update in the existing item on your board! The subject line of your email will be in bold, followed by the body of your email. 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.