What is monday.com?

The monday.com platform is a visual collaboration tool that helps transform the way teams work together. It is a simple, but intuitive, tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines and build a culture of transparency. The beauty of the platform is the fact that it is so customizable and can be used for every use case! 


Flexibility is the name of the game!

monday.com gives your team the ability to construct your tool to meet your specific operational requirements and make your platform insanely valuable. From precise project planning to detailed jargon, the tool naturally modifies itself to be ‘each to their own.’ 

It can be used for anything, managing teams- Managing your Team with monday.com and all types of projects and processes. 

For each board you can add columns according to your workflow. Think of the columns as building a process or a way to include all aspects needed to complete the tasks. monday.com offers multiple column types to fit your needs, from a people column to a Status column, check out the list here.



Visual and intuitive

On monday.com you can view all projects and tasks with a single glance. You can see your progress and what steps need to be taken to keep moving forward. This is a great way to get a clear overview of all your projects and have your entire team aware of what’s ahead!


At monday.com, we love to make everything visual: colors, graphs, shapes... So, we came up with the amazing board views to give you another perspective about the board. The board views allows you to visualize your board's information in multiple views. Here are some options for the board views:


You can read more here: What are the board views?


Easy communication and collaboration 

monday.com eliminates the need for painfully long email threads and unnecessary meetings. All communication and files are centralized in one place, so you never miss any key information. You can communicate via the update section, you can read more here: All the things you need to know about the update section 


Whether you’re in and out of meetings, traveling a lot for work or you’re working after hours from your mobile phone, monday.com has some great features to support you.

Firstly, you can send new items to a board on your monday.com account from your email - awesome, right? This means if you’re working from your email away from your desk and you think of a task to add as a new item to an existing board, you can do it with just a few clicks of a button.

You can also send an update to an existing item from your email. 

We also have mobile applications available in both iOS and Android, meaning you can manage everything you see on your monday.com account from your phone!  



The Dashboards are here to facilitate your workflow, and make sure you stay updated on what is happening in multiple boards. Create summaries, reports, and get a high level view of everything that is important to you! You can read more here: What are Dashboards?




Having many different platforms to manage you're work can be frustrating, we want you to be able to consolidate your work in one place, monday.com, and therefore we have our integration center that allows you to connect to multiple platforms. Our Integrations allow you to seamlessly connect monday.com to external platforms. You can read more here: monday.com Integrations



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