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The Numbers Column


Whether you are trying to track simple expenses, calculate the number of hours spent on a project or just do simple calculations, the numbers column got you covered. 



The basics

Click on the little Screen_Shot_2017-11-27_at_11.57.25.png sign on the right side of your board and choose "Numbers" to add a Numbers column to your board.


 Next, enter numbers into some items (rows) within your numbers column. Et voilà!


Note: You can enter negative values as well!




To customize the column, you can click on the box located at the bottom of the group in the column or click on the column settings. This will open a dialogue box, which will allow you to change the currency (none, dollars, pounds, euros, or percentage) used within the column. You can also change the Function (None, sum, average, median, min, max, count) of the column and whether it should appear from left to right or vice versa. 


Tip:  You can type in your own unit by clicking "Type your own." For example, you could type in "hours" and then all values entered into the column will be followed by the unit "hours."




Note: Calculations are made per group. The results will show in the box at the bottom of each group in the Numbers column. In the example shown below, the total is calculated for the group called "Week 1," while a separate total is calculated for the group called "Week 2."


If you would like to see the calculation applied to all values in all groups, simply click on the box where you would change the Unit and Function, and you will see the overall calculation for the board at the bottom



If you filter the board by a keyword, such as a person, a status etc... the calculation at the bottom of each group in the Numbers column will update with the new value for those filtered results. For example, we want to see the total budget of the conferences. 

  • Before filtering2_1.png
  • After filtering


Head over here to see how you can manage a budget on monday.com using the numbers column! If you are looking for more complex calculations, such as multiplication, division, etc., check out the possibilities of our Formula column here




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.