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What to do before going on leave

Whether you're going on a short leave, like a vacation, or a longer leave, such as a sabbatical or paternal leave, getting everything in order before you go can be overwhelming. Although every organization has different policies and procedures, we're here to show you how you can clean up your account, tie up loose ends, and pass on unfinished tasks before you go! Of course, we'll also discuss what to do when you get back so you can pick up where you left off as quickly as possible! 


Tie up loose ends 

While it may not be possible to complete all open tasks and projects before you go, it is really helpful for your team to leave enough information about everything left open. Whether you are passing these tasks on to others in your absence or saving them for your return, you can follow these steps below to leave all questions answered:

  • Update all statuses

The labels in your Status Columns can be a really great way to give a snapshot of where your items stand! Before you leave, make sure to check up on all of the boards hosting your open tasks and projects and edit all Status Columns to reflect up-to-date labels! 


  • Fill out additional columns 

The rest of the columns on your boards also give valuable information about your tasks or projects. Make sure to review all of the columns and update them before you leave. 


  • Post summaries

To go the extra mile and add another layer of information, you can add a detailed summary in the Updates Section of the item to let your teammates know exactly what's going on (or to remind yourself for when you come back). The more information you give, the fewer questions your teammates will have, and the easier you will be able to pick up where you left off when you return!


Pass on unfinished tasks 

If you won't be finishing all open tasks and projects, you can easily reassign them to the team member(s) who will be stepping in for you in your absence! 

  • Assign team members

Assign team members to your unfinished tasks using the People Column! They will be notified in their Bell Notifications Centre and also be able to see all of their new tasks in My Work so that nothing falls between the cracks! 


  • '@mention' team members

The Updates Section is our favorite way to communicate within monday.com! We can use this section to '@mention' our team members to pass on messages and to make sure the right people see the right updates. 


Transfer ownership 

Whenever you create a board, dashboard, workspace, or automation, you automatically become its owner. Depending on privacy settings, this often means that your team members cannot make certain edits without you. Let's take a look at how we can transfer ownership!

  • Transfer ownership on boards, dashboards, and workspaces

Whether you are an owner because you created the board, dashboard, or workspace, or you have been made an owner by someone else, you should make sure that there is an additional owner to take care of things in your absence! Follow these steps to assign an owner on a board, these steps for a dashboard, and these for a workspace. 


When relevant, you can also change the permissions of your boards and dashboards from Private to Main, and your workspaces from Closed to Open so that account members can have free access to data they may need.

  • Transfer automation ownership

When you own automations, you are the only person who can make modifications or turn them off. Often, they will generate lots of notifications on your account, so you may want to consider disabling some notifications or transferring ownership before your leave. You can transfer ownership in a few easy steps

  • Transfer admin rights

If you are an account admin, you have rights that other account members don't have, such as the ability to view stats, invite new members, deal with account billing, and more. If you are the only account admin, or someone taking your place will need the same account access that you have, you may need to assign someone else admin rights by following these simple steps



  • Deactivate yourself

If you are leaving for a longer period of time, your account admin may choose to temporarily deactivate you as an account member. To learn more about deactivation, you can read this article.


Turn off notifications 

There are several places within monday.com where you can receive different types of notifications. Let's review some notifications that you may want to disable so that they don't bother you while on leave. 

  • Inbox notifications - While there is no way to disable all Inbox notifications in your absence, you can unsubscribe from any boards that are most likely to generate lots of notifications you don't need during the time you're away.
  • Bell Notifications - Through your profile settings, you can control which Bell Notifications you receive and turn off any notifications that will only build up while you are away. Just follow these easy steps to learn how. 
  • Email notifications - Similar to your Bell Notifications, you can control which notifications you receive by email while you are on leave, so you don't come back to a loaded email inbox. 
  • Desktop and Mobile notifications - If you are receiving desktop notifications and push notifications on your mobile, you may want to turn these off while you are away.


Set your working status 

Your working status is a great way to let your team members know your availability. You can quickly change it by clicking your profile picture, clicking "More", and then selecting a status!


You can even set your status in advance in your profile settings menu. Choose your working status and out-of-office dates, and your profile will be automatically updated when your leave arrives so you don't need to deal with it last minute! To learn more, take a look at this article



Outside of monday.com

While we know most of your work is inside monday.com, there are a few loose ends we recommend you tie up on other platforms, as well.

  • Email OOO

With your working status changed within monday.com, you only have to worry about notifying coworkers who are external to your account. Head into your email account to add an automated out-of-office email for the dates you will be on leave. 

Tip: If your team uses Slack, you may want to update your working status there as well!


  • Calendar status 

Just like your email OOO, you'll probably want to outline your leave of absence in your work calendar! Whatever type of calendar you use, you'll be able to block off the period of time you're planning to be away so that you don't accidentally miss any unexpected meetings or events!


  • Email clients and close contacts

While your email and monday.com working statuses will be set to notify those who try to contact you, you may want to reach out personally to clients and close contacts before you leave. You can do this within or external to monday.com, depending on who's a member of your account. You can even send an automated email using a monday.com email integration



When you get back

When you return from leave, you can run down the list of tasks in this guide and essentially un-do everything you've changed before your leave!

  • Reset your working status 

If you've preset your working status, calendar, and email OOO, they should automatically show you're back based on the dates you've indicated, but it can't help to double-check so that anyone who needs to know will see that you're back!

  • Turn on notifications

If you're enjoying the silence, you can keep your notifications turned off! They're fully customizable, so you can review all of the different notification types to make sure you only receive what you want. 

  • Take ownership of boards and tasks

If you've removed yourself as an owner of any boards, dashboards, or automations, you can add yourself as an owner or member, or asked to be added by the current owner. If you've passed on any tasks or projects that haven't been completed in your absence and you are assuming them upon your return, speak to your team members before reassigning yourself!

  • Request status updates

For any tasks and boards you will be reassigned to or are taking back from team members, request that they update any relevant columns on the boards, including the Updates Section, so you can dive back into your work without a thought!




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