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How to change a status automatically


Status change automation recipes are an incredible tool! They enable you to use a status change to initiate an action. That action can be a date change, a notification to your team, moving an item between groups or boards, or even a change to another status column.


Whatever action you choose, these recipes automate your workflow and cut down on the manual actions you need to take to stay on top of your work. 


How to set up an automation

To add the relevant status change recipe to your workflow, you will first need to visit our automation store. You can access the store by clicking on the "Automate" button at the top of your board :

Automation Board Icon.png

There you will be able to choose from our different recipes and set up the status change automation that supports your workflow: 

Automations Centre- Change Status.gif


Supported columns

Currently, status change recipes can make changes to the following:

  • Date
  • Timeline
  • Status
  • People
  • Time tracking
  • Hour
  • Updates section
  • Numbers

Our team is looking into adding more flexibility with other column types such as the Mirror and Formula Columns. Stay tuned for updates on these developments.


Let's dive into a few different use cases! 😀


Use Cases

1. When status changes to something, create a new board and notify someone.

This is a useful recipe for building a complex workflow. For example, if you create a high-level board where you manage deals and if each deal leads to a new project, this recipe will allow you to use a template to automatically create a new board when the deal closes. Any time a status changes to match your designated criteria (for example, whenever the status is "Deal Closed"), a new board will be created from your chosen template.

In order to use this recipe properly, you must first create your template. Then you can select the template when creating the recipe. For example, I chose the template that I named "Project Template":



2. When status changes to something, start time tracking. When it changes to something stop.

If you have employees on your team who work hourly, this can be a great way to track their time. In the following example, the recipe reads "When Status changes to On the Clock, start Time Tracking. When it changes to Off the Clock stop."



3. When status changes, push due date by some days.

We often see that this recipe is used when a status change indicates that a date on the board needs to change. For example, say that you have a board to schedule out meetings. If a meeting's label changes to delayed, the meeting's date needs to be pushed out by 5 days. With this recipe, you can make that change automatically.



In this recipe, you're able to push due dates out by days, weeks, or months based on a simple status change: 




4. When a number is greater than a value, change status to something. and When status changes to something, notify someone.

This is a great combination to use for inventory management. For example, you can set up a status label that says "Inventory Low". Then, you can change the recipe to say "When a number is less than a value" rather than "greater than". When the quantity in the Numbers column drops below a set value, the label will change to "Inventory Low".


The "Inventory Low" label will then trigger a notification to the person who manages inventory, alerting them that it's time to purchase more.

Automation- Inventory low.png

5. When person is assigned, change status

This automation is a great way to update your board through the status column, to indicate when a person has been assigned to an item. From the Automation Centre, you can create the following recipe:

Automation- Assign and change status.png


Custom Recipes

If you can't find the recipe you're looking for in the Status Change section of the automation store, check out our Custom Automations. With this tool, you can build a variety of recipes for a variety of use cases.





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.