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Move Items with Automations (within a board)


Are you interested in making the most out of the groups on your board? With automations, you can now move items swiftly between groups to represent phases, delegation of team members, or time period by triggering one action and watching monday.com do the rest of the work!  

These automation recipes add a new layer to team collaboration and allow your team to manage projects seamlessly and cohesively within your board as well as move through project stages with ease.


Note:  Looking to move items between boards - check out this article on Cross Board automations


How to set up the automation

To add the relevant cross board recipe to your workflow, you will first need to first visit our automation store on the top bar of your board :

Access Automation Centre.png


There you will be able to choose from our different recipes and set up the move item (within a board) automation that supports your workflow : 

Automations centre- Move Item.gif


Supported Triggers

Currently, these recipes support triggers from:

  • Status
  • Date
  • Timeline
  • People

So, let's dive into the different recipes 😀 


Use Cases

1. When Status changes move item to group 

In this use case, the video production moves between the groups based on the phase the project is in between Current queue, up next, and client review and approval. 

Automations- Video Editing board.png


2. When an item moves to group notify someone after some time

This recipe will serve us when items move between groups to notify a team member. So let's say when items move between active and won leads, the sales rep can be notified afterward at the interval of your choosing. 

Automations- Shipping Sales Board.png  


3. When due date arrives move item to group 

 This recipe can be beneficial if your client or project is moving through phases based on a specific date or time. The item can swiftly move to the appropriate group for example, in this work request use case where orders are moved to groups based on date: 



Move Item Recipes

  • When a status changes to something, move item to group
  • When date arrives, move item to group
  • When due date arrives duplicate the item to this group and push the date by some time
  • When date arrives and a status is something, move item to group
  • When an item moves to group notify someone after some time
  • When status changes to something, move item to group after some time
  • When due date arrives move item to group and push date by some time 
  • When due date arrives, move item to board (Crossboard)
  • When person is assigned to someone, move item to board (Crossboard)


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If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.