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How to import my projects from Google Sheets



With a simple click, you can now import all your Google Sheets projects into your monday.com account!  


How does it work? 

To access this import, go to the avatar icon at the top right of your screen > select Import Data. From this menu, click on Google Sheets. 
After selecting Google Sheets, you will need to connect your Google drive and monday.com. Press sign in and select the google account you'd like to connect. Once connected, you can access the sheet you'd like to import. 
Now select a file from the drive that you'd like to import. This file will create a new board in your monday.com account. 


Next, you'll need to configure the import through a series of 3 prompts. 
First - map the row that you'd like to be the first row of the new board. If it is not the row that is highlighted by default, you can select another row by clicking on this row. Once selected, press Next. 
Second, which column should be the first column on the board? Select the desired column and press next. 
Note:  When selecting the Header and First column, everything to the left and above the selections will not be included in your board. 


Lastly, determine the column type of each column that you are importing.
Note: There are a limited number of column types that our import supports. To see your options for each column and to switch the column type, select the down arrow from the column header.


Select 'Create Board' and Ta-da! You have a new board that is your imported Google Sheets file. 


  • The import limitation is 3,000 rows and 20 columns. If your file is larger than this, the import will cut off at this limitation. 
  • Once in monday.com you can change the column types of your imported board. To do this, go to the column header > select the down carrot to launch the column menu > select 'Change Column Type' > and select the available columns to change.
  • Imports create a new board in your account. If you'd like to import to an existing board, you can do so by importing from the board directly. This import supports adding new items to the board, but is not a full mapping of columns. Go to the 'New Item' button > down carrot > import items > copy and paste a list of items to import from your google sheet.  


Note: There is currently no way to import several tabs at once. If your Google Sheet has multiple sheets/ tabs, we recommend to import each tab individually.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.