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How to share a board view publicly


Are you looking to embed your company roadmap board in your website? Need to send customers specific boards or views without having them log into your account? Want all the team to be in sync by displaying a board on a TV in your office? You are able to do just that with the "share view" feature. 🌟




Note:  You can apply the share view to your main board table, a filtered board, and all board views.


How to share your board or view

The ability to share a board view is only available for board owners.

As a board owner, to begin sharing a board view, click on the three-dot menu to the right of your view name. From the resulting menu, select "Share" as below: 




Note: When enabling the HIPAA feature on the Enterprise plan, the ability to share boards/views is disabled to prevent accidental disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).


From here, you are able to edit the name and description that will be displayed for your board or view, and easily share it with others by sending out a shareable link or embedding it in a website using an embed code.


To edit the name and description that will be shown on the shared board or board view, simply hover over the name or description, click on the blue pen that appears, and edit away!




Let's take a look at both of the sharing options, shareable link and embed code, below!


  • Shareable Link

You can seamlessly send out and share your board or view with others through the "Shareable link" option. Just click on the "Copy" button as shown below, and you can then paste the link so that it can be shared with whoever you wish!




Note:  The shareable link can be viewed from any browser or the mobile app!


  • Embed code

The standard way to embed in the web is via iframe html code. To get the code for your board take it from the "Embed Code" section with a click on the "Copy" button: 




Once you've copied either the Shareable link or Embed code, you'll get a visual indication that your board is "live" and published by seeing the blue banner at the top of the board:




Note:  Any files located on a Files Column will not be visible or downloadable within a shared view.


Choose the information you want to display

⚠️ Please keep in mind that filtered data (items and columns) can still be accessed through the shared views by technical savvy users although it is hidden. For more information about it, feel free to reach out to our team by using our contact form


You can choose which information you'd like to display publicly on your board by using the board filters or by hiding columns from your board.

  • Use the board filter

Let's say we are an event company. We would like to display all the events that are currently being worked on that are also considered a high priorityBy using the board filter, you can create a view according to the exact parameters that you want to see. Simply apply your filters and make sure to hit "save as new view". 




Once done, click on "share" to publicly share it!




By doing this, your shared board view will display only the information you've chosen to show. 🙌


  • Hide columns

You can also hide specific columns from your board so that they will not show publicly. To do this, click on the eye icon located at the top of your board and choose the columns you'd like to display. Once complete, don't forget to save your view and name it as you wish!




Once done, if you share this new view, the hidden columns will not be displayed:



How to set up the shared view in full screen

Easy! To set up the shared view in full screen, just make sure to add the term "/embed/" right after "view.monday.com/" in the shareable link as below: 

Then, you will see the board in full screen:




How to disable the shared view

If you are the board owner or account admin, you can disable the shared view at anytime. To do so, click on the view located at the top of your board and select "Share settings" as below and then click on the "Stop" button. ⛔️




Tip: You can also access the share view settings by clicking on the blue banner on the top of your board which indicates that it is being shared.



Please note the following limitations when sharing a board view publicly: 





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.