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Hiding columns from your board


Have you ever wanted to hide specific columns from your board, without removing them altogether? Well, you've come to the right place! The functionality mentioned in this article will give you the option to hide columns in your board and save them as a "new view". This can help you focus on what's important and will save you time of scrolling through all the columns to find what you need. 🙌


How to hide columns 

Open any one of your boards and click on the eye icon at the top of your board:
You will then see that all of your columns are automatically selected, meaning that they are currently all displayed on your board. To hide columns, simply deselect the ones that you do not want to appear on your board, as so:
Alternatively, you can deselect "All Columns" and then select the specific columns that you want to have displayed. Your board will then only show the columns you chose to keep visible!
Note: changes made to column(s) in one group will apply to the whole board.


Save it as a view 

Saving your filters is a great way to access to what you need to see in just a few clicks! Let's say that we are only interested to see a few columns on our "Sales Pipeline" board including the sales representative, their contact and phone number. After hiding the unnecessary columns, we can click on "Save as new view" as shown below:
Next, we will rename our filter as "Sales rep details" so we can easily identify this simplified view for future access: 
Et voilà! 🥳

You will be able to access all your saved filters, as well as any other board view, anytime from the top of your board:


To learn more about filtering on a board, check out this article.



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