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Item viewing permissions


Looking to control who can view certain items on your board? Wanting to restrict the ability to view items only to those who are assigned to a given task/project? With our brand new item viewing permissions, board owners can decide whether they'd like all users with access to this board to be able to view all items on it, or whether users will be able to see only the items assigned to them.

This provides another layer of control and ensures collaboration in one space, without jeopardizing access to sensitive data. 🙌

Note:  The item viewing permissions is available only on the Enterprise plan and only for board owners.


Set up item viewing permissions

To set up item viewing permissions, go to the three-dot menu on the top right of the board and select "Board Permissions".


From there, you'll find the option to set viewing restrictions under the "View permissions" section. We offer the following permissions:

  • View everything: this is the default option and it will allow anyone with access to the board to view all items on it.
  • View items assigned to them in any column: this will ensure that users will only be able to view items they have been assigned to in any of the People Columns on this board. Additionally, the creator of an item will be able to view all items they created, and the board owner(s) will be able to view all items on the board.


Note: When subitems are used on a board with item viewing permissions enabled, only users that are assigned to the parent item can be assigned to the subitem. Additionally, everyone that can view the parent item will be able to view all its subitems.


What happens when both viewing and editing permissions are enabled?

Curious about how your board permissions would act when having both viewing and editing permissions enabled? If you choose to have both viewing and editing permissions set up on the same board (excluding the "edit everything" or "view everything" settings), you will have one of the three options: 

  1. Item viewing permissions + Edit content: With both of these permissions enabled, everyone can view and edit items that are assigned to them. Non-board owners assigned to an item will not be able to change the structure of the board (i.e. changing group/column names, rearranging the board structure) 
  2. Item viewing permissions + Edit rows assigned to them in the People Column: With these permissions in place, everyone will only be able to view and edit items assigned to them.
  3. Item viewing permissions + Write updates only: Finally, with these two permissions, everyone will be able to view items assigned to them, however, they will only be able to add updates to these items and will not be able to edit the content of any of them.

As with any board permissions, board owners will be able to view and edit everything on the board and these restrictions will not apply to them.

Tip: You can also view the specific permissions set up on your board by clicking on the lock icon at the top of your board and then clicking on "View permissions settings".


Tip: Want to set other permissions on your board? Check out our Board Permissions and Column Permissions articles!



There are some important limitations to keep in mind when this feature is enabled on a board:

  • Firstly, only board owners will be able to:
    • Manage and run automations and integrations on the board:
      • Any automations/integrations created by non-board owners prior to enabling the item viewing permissions will be disabled 
      • After enabling item viewing permissions, non-board owners will not be able to create new automations and integrations
    • View the board or item activity logs
    • Delete a group or move it to another board
    • Duplicate the board
  • Broadcasted boards in which item viewing permissions are enabled will appear as empty
  • Some item viewing apps (aside from the Item Card) will not work on boards with item viewing permissions enabled 
  • When mirroring columns from a board with item viewing permissions, only the board owners of it will be able to see the column and for anyone else, the column will not appear
  • API - graphQL query ItemByName that is used to get data on items based on their name, is not supported



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.