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Trello Integration

You can now integrate your Trello workflow with your monday.com account!

Often times we see workplaces filled with many different platforms/locations where workflow processes take place. Not only can things get lost in translation, but this method does not promote transparency and team collaboration.

Connecting your Trello account to your monday.com account will help bridge the gap between two of those platforms! Let's learn how 🙂


What does the integration do?

Now you can easily integrate your Trello account with your monday.com boards by syncing up your cards and items! Whenever a card is added to one of your boards in Trello it will automatically add it as an item in your monday.com boards.




How do I set up the integration?

Step 1

To set up the integration, simply visit the integrations store at the top of the monday.com board you'd like to sync to Trello and choose Trello!



Step 2

Choose the most relevant recipe you'd like to connect between the two platforms!



Step 3

Connect your Trello account via the API token!


Make sure it is logged into the correct account (choose "Switch Accounts" if you need to change to another account) and click "Allow" if everything is correct.


 Copy and paste the API token into the bar within monday.com :)


Step 4

Set up the recipe for both your Trello boards and monday.com boards!


Make sure to choose all of the proper fields based on the column structure of your monday.com boards that you want the info to pull into!


You're all set up!


Supported Fields for Mapping

Currently, the following fields are supported for mapping the Trello integration with monday.com:

  • last activity
  • due date
  • name
  • votes
  • completed
  • description
  • labels 



Making changes to a card in Trello will not lead to the creation of new updates in your monday.com board. As an alternative to using the updates section, you can create text columns on your board and map your Trello fields to update the text column(s). That way, the updated information will show up on your board!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.